Pachelbel: The Complete Organ Works, Volume 6

Pachelbel: The Complete Organ Works, Volume 6


Artist: Antoine Bouchard

Composer: Johann Pachelbel

Format: 1 CD


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Much of Pachelbel's organ music was intended for service use. It is important to remember that Luther's religious practice was articulated around two matching places of prayer: the church for the parish community, and the home for the family. Families came together each day around the head of the household to hold a domestic worship service that mirrored the Sunday service led by the Pastor. In both places chorales were sung, with their numerous verses that provided both instruction and support for meditation. Any instrument, perhaps an oboe or a violin, could be used to give the starting note and support the voices. This is why the works of Pachelbel, and of many of his contemporaries, include chorale preludes that do not require the use of organ with pedals and can be played on household keyboard instruments such as small virginals. [To be continued…]

—Gilles Cantagrel

Track List

1. Aria sexta "Sebaldina" (POP 6)
2. Toccata in F Major (POP 276)
3. Fugue in F Major (POP 135)
4. Toccata in g Minor (POP 283)
5. Fugue in g Minor (POP 138)
6. Chorale Prelude "An Wasserflüssen Babylon" (POP 29)
7. Chorale Prelude "An Wasserflüssen Babylon" (POP 30)
8. Chorale Prelude "Dies sind die heil'gen zehn Gebot" (POP 39)
9. Chorale Prelude "Mag ich Unglück nicht widerstahn" (POP 68)
10. Chorale Prelude "Vater unser im Himmelreich" (POP 77)
11. Chorale Prelude "Vater unser im Himmelreich" (POP 78)
12. Chorale Variations "Werde, munter, mein Gemüte" (POP 106)

Magnificat sexti toni
13. Fugue 1 (POP 215)
14. Fugue 2 (POP 216)
15. Fugue 3 (POP 217)
16. Fugue 4 (POP 218)
17. Fugue 5 (POP 219)
18. Fugue 6 (POP 220)
19. Fugue 7 (POP 221)
20. Fugue 8 (POP 222)
21. Fugue 9 (POP 223)
22. Fugue 10 (POP 224)

Liturgical convenience for faith and justification: Tracks 6-11.

Total time: 71:35
Release date: 1999
UPC: 053479318923