Pachelbel: The Complete Organ Works, Volume 11

Pachelbel: The Complete Organ Works, Volume 11


Artist: Antoine Bouchard

Composer: Johann Pachelbel

Format: 1 CD


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The fugues and ricercares reflect the growing interest of Baroque musicians in the learned world of dialogue and formal elaboration, and their tendency to underline the theatrical aspect of the musical discourse through the development of a single underlying motif, the "subject"—at a time when, following the work of Descartes, the focus was on the complexity of the "thinking subject." In his three ricercares, Pachelbel provides an impressive demonstration of his compositional skill, applied with more freedom in his fugues, which include twenty six isolated fugues and no less than ninety five fugues on the Magnificat (in fact, these fugues were for use with the German Magnificat, or were based on free themes, rather than on actual themes of the Magnificat). They create a marvelous world of sound and poetry and display Pachelbel's never-failing powers of invention.

—Gilles Cantagrel

Track List

1. Ciaccona in D Major (POP 13)
2. Prelude and Fugue in e Minor (POP 257)
3. Toccata in g Minor (POP 280)
4. Fugue in C Major (POP 130)
5. Fantasia in C Major (POP 110)
6. Fugue in C Major (POP 122)
7. Fantasia in Eb Major (POP 113)
8. Fugue in c Minor (POP 133)
9. Prelude in d Minor (POP 250)
10. Toccata in d Minor (POP 275)
11. Fantasia in d Minor (POP 111)
12. Prelude in G Major (POP 252)
13. Fugue in G Major (POP 136)
14. Choral Prelude "Gott hat das Evangelium" (POP 52)
15. Choral Prelude "Ich hab’ mein’ Sach’ Gott heimgestelt" (POP 57)
16. Choral Prelude "Wenn mein Stündlein vorhanden ist" (POP 85)
17. Choral Prelude "Herr Jesu Christ, ich weiss gar wohl" (POP 56)
18. Choral Prelude "Wo Gott zum Haus nicht giebt sein’ Gunst’ " (POP 93)
19. Choral Prelude "Wo Gott zum Haus nicht giebt sein’ Gunst’ " (POP 94)
20. Choral Prelude "Nun last uns Gott dem herren" (POP 73)
21. Choral Prelude "Christe, der du bist Tag und Licht" (POP 32)
22. Choral Prelude "Kommt her zu mir, spricht Gottes Sohn" (POP 66)
Total Program Length: 64:00

Liturgical convenience for human death and funeral: Tracks 14-17.
Home prayer: Tr. 18-22

Total time: 64:00
Release date: 1999
UPC: 053479322128