Daniel Shores


4-time GRAMMY® Nominee Daniel Shores started his professional career with Sono Luminus, first as an assistant engineer, then engineer, then head of the Sono Luminus record label. Now with changes in company structure Daniel is back to doing what he loves best exclusively—engineering. Daniel’s focus for years has been his love of sound and aim to create the most pristine recordings of music possible. When not in the studio Daniel is an adjunct professor at Shenandoah University where he teaches remote recording and surround sound classes in the school’s Music Production & Recording Technology department. Daniel is also a musician himself starting life as a classical/jazz pianist and percussionist, then moving to jazz and rock bass, guitar, mandolin and various other odds and ends.

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Collin J Rae


Collin J Rae joined Sono Luminus team on September 2, 2014 as the newly appointed CEO. Mr. Rae brings with him years of industry experience and specialty focus in digital marketing and distribution. He has shared a long relationship with the label as their label manager at their distributor, Naxos of America, and already has a deep understanding and connection to the label’s existing and back catalog. He comes most recently from his position as VP of Digital Sales and Marketing at Universal Music Classics.

Along with a shared vision for the continuation of Sono Luminus’ focus on ultra-high fidelity surround sound recordings, Mr. Rae will look to bring in new and exciting artists and projects as well as developing and executing strategies to take advantage of the vast back catalog. Mr. Rae will also be overseeing daily operations.

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Caleb Nei

Design, Media Relations

As graphic designer at Sono Luminus, Caleb is focused on giving each release a visual identity that leads to a second look, a click, and resulting listen. Caleb joined Sono Luminus as a marketing assistant in 2013 before transitioning into his current role in 2015. Besides being a talented visual artist, he’s a working musician who can be found almost every weekend playing both jazz and worship events. A native of Huntington, Indiana, he graduated from his hometown school, Huntington University, with a bachelor of arts in music with a concentration in music for the contemporary church. He has also studied jazz piano and jazz arranging at Shenandoah University, has taught jazz piano as an adjunct faculty member at Shenandoah University and is a Recording Academy member.

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Allison Noah

Social Media, Photography, Video

Allison joined the Sono Luminus team in January 2016 while completing her bachelors degree in Music Production and Recording Technology from Shenandoah Conservatory. Since joining the team, Allison has performed a wide variety of tasks both in and out of the studio including recording technician, album photography, social media management, and donut runs.

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John Veitch

Piano Technician

For almost twenty years John Veitch has been meeting the needs of discriminating pianists, recording studios, houses of worship, educational institutions, and private piano owners. His special attention to the tuning and maintenance of our two Steinway Model D concert grand pianos (#590904 New York, c. 2011 and #538137 New York, c. 1996) and our Steinway Model B grand piano (#253425 New York) makes Sono Luminus a chosen destination for artists from all over the Americas and Europe.

John has tuned pianos for concert artists on more than fifty recordings including those for Sono Luminus, Steinway & Sons and Orchid Classics and for institutions such as The Kennedy Center, Steinway & Sons, James Madison University, Heifetz International Music Institute, Shenandoah University, and Downtown Piano Works.

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Madelynn Shores

Assistant Engineer

Madelynn began working with Sono Luminus shortly before her 16th birthday. Following the family business, Madelynn has participated in recording sessions as a Pyramix engineer, and has shown her post production skills as an editing engineer on four albums that have had international releases, and several others yet to be released. Madelynn has used her talents as a a vocalist and musician, along with her adept score reading abilities to establish herself as one of the youngest women working professionally on the engineering side of the industry.


Jessica Shores

Office Manager