Pachelbel: The Complete Organ Works, Volume 2

Pachelbel: The Complete Organ Works, Volume 2


Artist: Antoine Bouchard

Composer: Johann Pachelbel

Format: 1 CD


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Erfurt was the ancestral home of the Bach family, and there he (Pachelbel) met Ambrosius Bach's eldest son, Johann Christoph, whom he knew from Eisenach, and who lived at Erfurt from 1686 to 1689. Pachelbel undertook the musical education of the young man who, not many years later, would teach his brother Johann Sebastian all he knew when the latter came to live with his family following the death of their parents.

Pachelbel started a family in Erfurt; after the early death of his first wife and their child, he remarried and produced a highly artistic household: of the couple's seven children, two would later become organists, including his eldest son Wilhelm Hieronymus who acted as Pachelbel's successor at Nuremberg for thirty-nine years, another son who became an instrument maker, and a daughter who achieved recognition as a painter and engraver. Pachelbel left Erfurt some years later, apparently looking for a better appointment, first at Stuttgart (1690-92) with the Duchess Sibylla, a friend of the arts, and then in Gotha (1692-95). His travels finally led him home when, in 1695, he accepted the position of organist at the St. Sebald church in Nuremberg.

—Gilles Cantagrel

Track List

1. Ciaccona in C Major (POP 11)
2. Aria secunda (POP 2) Hexachordum Apollinis.
3. Toccata in C Major (POP 274)
4. Fugue in C Major (POP 127)
5. Choral Prelude "Wie schön leuchter der Morgenstern" (POP 88)
6. Choral Prelude "Christ unser Herr zum Jordam kam" (POP 34)
7. Choral Prelude "Erhalt uns, Herr, bei deinem Wort" (POP 45)
8. Choral Prelude "Durch Adams Fall ist ganz verbert" (POP 40)
9. Choral Prelude "Durch Adams Fall ist ganz verbert" (POP 41)
10. Choral Prelude "Durch Adams Fall ist ganz verbert" (POP 42)
11. Choral Variations "Alle Menschen müssen sterben" (POP 102)

Magnificat secundi toni
12. Fugue 1 (POP 174)
13. Fugue 2 (POP 175)
14. Fugue 3 (POP 176)
15. Fugue 4 (POP 177)
16. Fugue 5 (POP 178)
17. Fugue 6 (POP 179)
18. Fugue 7 (POP 180)
19. Fugue 8 (POP 181)
20. Fugue 9 (POP 182)
21. Fugue 10 (POP 183)

Liturgical Convenience for
Epiphany: Track 5
Jesus Baptism: Track 6
Sexagesima: Track 7
Penitence: Track 8-10

Total time: 73:04
Release date: 1998
UPC: 053479317421