Pachelbel: The Complete Organ Works, Volume 1

Pachelbel: The Complete Organ Works, Volume 1


Artist: Antoine Bouchard

Composer: Johann Pachelbel

Format: 1 CD


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Johann Pachelbel, one of the dominant figures of late 17th century European keyboard music, was born in Nuremberg in 1653. An exact contemporary of Georg Muffat, he belonged to the generation that included German composers Böhm, Bruhns and Fischer, French composers Raison, Jullien and François Couperin, and the Englishman Purcell, and that came chronologically between Buxtehude and Bach.

After a thorough musical and university education, Pachelbel first worked as an organist, and after travelling around Southern Germany settled for a year (1677-78) in Thuringën at the Eisenach court. This was an important move, since it was here that he became a close friend of the town's most prominent musician, Johann Ambrosius Bach, the future father of Johann Sebastian, and his family. The following year, Pachelbel obtained the first of two important positions he was to hold during his lifetime, that of organist at the Predigerkirche, the church of the Friars Preachers in Erfurt, a short distance from Eisenach, where he stayed twelve years (1678-90).

—Gilles Cantagrel

Track List

1. Ciaccona in f Minor (POP 16)
2. Aria prima (POP 1) Hexachordum Apollinis.
3. Choral Prelude "Herr Christ, der ein'ge Gottessohn" (POP 54)
4. Choral Prelude "Nun Komm der Heiden Heiland" (POP 72)
5. Toccata in F Major (POP 282)
6. Choral Prelude "Der tag, der ist so freudenreich" (POP 38)
7. Choral Prelude "Gelobet seist u, Jesu Christ" (POP 50)
8. Choral Prelude "Vom Himmel hoch, da komm' ich her" (POP 79)
9. Choral Prelude "Vom Himmel hoch, da komm' ich her" (POP 80)
10. Choral Prelude "Lob sei Gott in des Himmels Thron" (POP 67)
11. Choral Variations "Christus, der ist mein Leben" (POP 101)

Magnificat prima toni (Fugues 1-12)
12. Fugue 1 (POP 151)
13. Fugue 2 (POP 152)
14. Fugue 3 (POP 153)
15. Fugue 4 (POP 154)
16. Fugue 5 (POP 155)
17. Fugue 6 (POP 156)
18. Fugue 7 (POP 157)
19. Fugue 8 (POP 158)
20. Fugue 9 (POP 159)
21. Fugue 10 (POP 160)
22. Fugue 11 (POP 161)
23. Fugue 12 (POP 162)

Liturgical Convenience for
Advent: Tracks 3 & 4
Christmas: Tracks 5-10

Total time: 73:46
Release date: 1998
UPC: 053479317322