Musica Dolce

Musica Dolce


Artist: Julianne Baird, Colin Tilney

Composers: Claudio Monteverdi, Pier Francesco Cavalli, Giulio Caccini, Bernardo Storace

Format: 1 CD


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Total time: 70:00
Release date: May 13, 1988
UPC: 053479012326

Quotes & Reviews

Affekt, a German 'invention', was marvellously exploited by Italians; and here by Baird, particularly touchingly in Musica dolce (with its beguiling echos) and Strozzi's substantial Lagrime mie (two of the five otherwise unrecorded vocal items). Natural-sounding mesa di voce, nimbly executed fioriture and responsive tonal shading are some of the vital elements in these indispensable performances, whose ebb and flow Tilney follows with admirable empathy—as well as punctuating the programme with three well chosen solos, stylishly played on a generously resonant (anonymous) eighteenth-century Italian harpsichord.

John Duarte, Gramophone