Czech Piano Quartets

Czech Piano Quartets


Artist: The Ames Piano Quartet

Composers: Joseph Suk, Vitezslav Novák, Bohuslav Martinu

Format: 1 CD


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Performing on this album: Mahlon Darlington (violin), Jonathan Sturm (viola), George Work (cello), William David (piano).

The Czech Piano Quartets represent some of the finest works of Czech composers Joseph Suk, Vitezslav Novak, both students of Dvorak, and the Modernistic impressionist, Bohuslav Martinu. Each quartet is a unique and intimate cross-section of passion and energy; coupled with lush, gentle adagios. The Ames Piano Quartet, one of the most well-known and renowned piano quartets, brings this collection to life with a world-class caliber of technical proficiency, tenderness, and vigor.

Track List

Joseph Suk: Quartet in A Minor, Op.1 (21:16)
1. I. Allegro appassionato (6:57)
2. II. Adagio (7:09)
3. III. Allegro con fuoco (7:10)

Vitezslav Novak: Quartet in C Minor, OP.7 (22:03)
4. I. Andante (8:12)
5. II. Shcerzino: Allegretto comodo (5:44)
6. III. Rondo: Allegro (8:07)

Bohuslav Martinu: Quartet (1942) (23:00)
7. I. Poco allegro (6:22)
8. II. Adagio (8:51)
9. III. Allegretto poco moderato (8:27)

Total time: 66:19
Release date: 2006
UPC: 616892818328

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