Victoria: Tenebrae Responsories

Victoria: Tenebrae Responsories


Artist: Ensemble Corund

Composer: Tomás Luis de Victoria

Format: 1 CD


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Tomás Luis de Victoria, author of the famous motet “O magnum mysterium,” is known as the “Spanish Palestrina” for good reason: he is arguably the greatest of all Iberian composers. His highly expressive choral music, all of it to Latin texts, includes works ranging from exultant “Alleluias” to the plangently austere Holy Week settings Victoria published in 1585, from which the Responses on present disk are drawn. They are sung here with great intensity by the fourteen members of Ensemble Corund, directed by Stephen Smith, and recorded in the warm resonance of the historic St. Matthew’s Church in Lucerne, Switzerland, where Ensemble Corund is based. 

The stunning and rapturous musical imagery of Ensemble Corund is paramount in this new release. The distinguished Swiss ensemble comes from a variety of backgrounds, yet they share a love for their repertoire, as well as their endeavors for a homogenous, yet vibrant sound. Ensemble Corund thoroughly embraces and beautifully expresses the aesthetic qualities that can exist in truly brilliant music.

Track List

Matins responsories for Maundy Thursday, 2nd nocturn
1. Amicus meus (3:01)
2. ludas mercator pessimus (2:17)
3. Unus ex discipulis meis (3:27)

Matins responsories for Maundy Thursday, 3rd nocturn
4. Eram quasi agnus (3:19)
5. Una hora (2:48)
6. Seniores populi (4:06)

Matins responsories for Good Friday, 2nd nocturn
7. Tamquam ad latronem (3:58)
8. Tenebrae factae sunt (4:13)
9. Animam meam dilectam (6:58)

Matins responsories for Good Friday, 3rd nocturn
10. Tradiderunt me (2:26)
11. lesum tradidit impius (3:09)
12. Caligaverunt oculi mei (6:07)

Matins responsories for Holy Saturday, 2nd nocturn
13. Recessit pastor noster (3:05)
14. O vos omnes (3:09)
15. Ecce quomodo moritur (4:50)

Matins responsories for Holy Saturday, 3rd nocturn
16. Astiterunt reges (2:11)
17. Aestimatus sum (2:40)
18. Sepulto Domino (4:30)

Total time: 66:14
Release date: 2006
UPC: 616892801924