Union and Liberty!

Union and Liberty!


Artist: D.C. Hall's New Concert & Quadrille Band 

Composers: Various

Format: 1 CD


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Peter H. Bloom, flute
Steven Jackson, clarinet
James H. Johnston, violin
Patrick G. Jordan, viola
Henry Peyrebrune, bass violin
Kevin M’Dermott, tenor

Union & Liberty is a rare audiophile-quality recording of music from the American Civil War, performed on period instruments with a brilliant tenor soloist. Stylus Magazine gave the disc a 5-star rating, and wrote: “The concept for this volume of “Music Heard on the Northern Homefront during the American Civil War” may sound like a history lesson, but it quickly soars beyond that...tuneful, poignant, and even rousing...Not only do these tunes hearken back to a distant era, they are also great fun to listen to...Engineered with splendid sound, Union & Liberty is an unforgettable recording.”

Track List

1. The Battle-Cry of Freedom
2. The Star-Spangled Banner
3. Uncle Sam's Farm
4. Vaillance Polka Militaire
5. Drums and Trumpets or, A Parade in Broadway.
6. Weeping, Sad and Lonely
7. The Columbian Quadrilles
8. The Girl I Left Behind Me
9. Beauregard's Retreat From Shiloh
10. We Are Coming, Father Abraham
11. Kingdom Coming or, The Year of Jubilo
12. Grafted Into the Army
13. The Picture on the Wall
14. Daniel Webster's Funeral March
15. Tenting on the Old Camp-Ground
16. The Battle Hymn of the Republic

Total time: 61:11
Release date: December 21, 1994
UPC: 053479019721

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