Strange Beauty

Strange Beauty


Artist: Lee Pui Ming

Composer: Lee Pui Ming

Format: 1 CD


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Lee Pui Ming's music is a paradox. On one level, it celebrates Chinese cultural roots; it revels in freedom from tradition. "Chinese-Canadian culture is terribly young," says the pianist, who lives in Toronto. "It's still at an emerging stage, whereas in the States, (Chinese-American) musicians like Jon Jang and Fred Houn have been creating a musical culture for a while. I imagine that if I were playing in the States, I'd have to refer to my predecessors. Not referencing other people is very attractive to me. It characterizes my approach to most musical situations."

—Kevin Whitehead, New York, August 1994

Track List

1. Shepherdess
2. What's Up
3. C'est Bon!
4. The Yan-Min Suite
5. Xun Song
6. Strange Beauty
7. The Swing
8. Piano Percussion
9. For "Ma"

Total time: 67:18
Release date: January 17, 1995
UPC: 053479020628

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