The Sound of Austria

The Sound of Austria

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Artist: Manfred Schuler Zither and Folk Music Ensemble

Composers: Various

Format: 1 CD


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The collection of small musical forms presented in this recording comes from the Alps, a region that probably produced more composers than any other. Divided for many centuries among small fiefdoms, principalities, and great monarchies with often-changing borders, it maintained a unique heritage of distinctive music, permeating most levels of the social canon.

Since most of this repertoire has its origins in rural mountain culture and is usually performed in the Alpine Stuben and village taverns, a small village hall was used as a venue for this recording to preserve the authentic sound of the instruments and the music.

Track List

1. Drei-Bergl Ländler
2. Hoch Tirol-Ländler
3. Meraner-Törggele-Partie
4. Mit'n Kopf z'såmm
5. Ein Schöner Burgertanz
6. Nordketten-Ländler
7. Südtiroler Hockzeitsmusik
8. Unterkärntner Steirischer
9. Anklöpfelweise
10. Boarischer
11. Håns, bleib då
12. Holz auf Stroh
13. Nandl-Boarischer
14. Menuett aus Innsbruck
15. Orgelmarsch
16. Da Krautschneider
17. Brixlegger Bauernpolka
18. Zillertaler Melkertan
19. Innsbrucker G'müat
20. Deutscher Tanz aus Niederösterreich
21. Te Deum laudamus
22. Deutscher Tanz aus Kastelruth
23. Der Daumenschleifer
24. Rainer-Boarischer
25. Menuett aus Platt
26. Passionsweise
27. Kärtner Weisen

Total time: 66:49
Release date: 1993
UPC: 751758011625

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