Carolan's Welcome

Carolan's Welcome


Artist: Carol Thompson

Composers: Various

Format: 1 CD


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Carol Thompson, neo-Celtic harp, triple harp
Billy McComiskey, button accordion, concertina
Jack Coen, wooden flute
Darcy Fair, harp

The power and beauty of traditional Irish music lies "in the tune itself," the pure melody, and the performer's skill, wit, soulfulness and sense of oneness with the heart of the music. While there have been many attempts to describe what Irish music-making is all about, most of them ignore its inherent social element. Most scholars define Irish music as a "solo" tradition. However, what is most valued by many traditional musicians is the social and musical interaction of two or more persons who sit down to "have a tune." 

Track List

1. Da Day Dawn - (Anon. Scottish) TH (Slow Air)
2. She Moves Through the Fair - TH (Song)
3. The Wild Geese - NC (Slow Air)
4. The Blossom of the Raspberry - NC (Slow Air)
5. Continental Waltz in D Major - NC
6. Gentle Annie - NC (Slow Air)
7. Continental Waltz in G Major - NC
8. The Drunken Gauger - NC (Set Dance)
9. Carolan's Welcome - NC (Air)
10. Jimmy's Return - NC (Reel)
11. The Three Captains - (J. O'Neill) NC (Set Dance)
12. Home Ruler - NC (Hornpipe) Sean's Continental Waltzes - NC
13. Waltz No. 1
14. Waltz No. 2
15. The Burdened Old Man - (Jig)
16. O'Carolan's Farewell to Music - TH (Slow Air)
17. Lagan Love - (after an arrangement by Hamilton Harty) NC (Slow Air)
18. Black Rosebud - TH (Slow Air)
19. An Phaidir - (Sean O'Riada) NC (Song)
20. Snow on the Hills - (Reel)
21. Carolan's Farewell to Music- NC (Slow Air)
NC=Neo-Celtic Harp TH=Triple Harp
All tunes anonymous Irish unless otherwise indicated.

Total time: 68:03
Release date: August 31, 1993
UPC: 053479017628

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