Sonatas for Two Guitars

Sonatas for Two Guitars


Artist: Julian Gray, Ronald Pearl

Composer: Domenico Scarlatti

Format: 1 CD


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Very few artifacts remain to tell the tale of Domenico Scarlatti: among them, one portrait, one letter in his own hand, and fifteen volumes of keyboard music, treasured by the Queen of Spain. Born in Naples in 1685, Domenico Scarlatti was the son of the great composer Alessandro Scarlatti. An accomplished player, Domenico Scarlatti’s legacy of sonatas for solo harpsichord is as huge as his history is small. Imaginative, sensitive and full of life, his sonatas reflect the melodies and fiery spirit of Spain, where Scarlatti enjoyed great renown as a musician of the Imperial court from 1728 until his death in 1757. His stature is demonstrated by the fact that he was knighted in 1738, becoming one of the few composers of the period to enjoy such an honor. He is easily the greatest 18th-century composer of keyboard music after J. S. Bach. Scarlatti’s music often imitates the sound and flavor of Spanish guitar music, so it is fitting that Julian Gray and Ronald Pearl have transcribed fifteen of these sonatas, to be performed on two guitars. The results are delightful, thoroughly accessible and completely engaging.

Track List

1. K 435 in D Major – Allegro 3:52
2. K 7 in A Minor – Presto 4:01
3. K 531 in E Major – Allegro 3:37
4. K 109 in A Minor – Adagio 7:15
5. K 278 in D Major – Con Velocita 2:14
6. K 390 in G Major – Allegro 4:24
7. K 115 in D Minor (orig. C Minor) – Allegro 6:34
8. K 125 in G Major – Vivo 2:35
9. K 234 in G Minor – Andante 6:25
10. K 214 in D Major – Allegro Vivo 4:15
11. K 249 in B-flat Major – Allegro 4:48
12. K 466 in A Minor (orig. F Minor) – Andante Moderato 7:48
13. K 12 in G Minor – Presto 4:02
14. K 301 in A Major – Allegro 4:30

Total time: 66:20
Release date: 2001
UPC: 053479322623