Walking Stones

Walking Stones


Artists: Ken Kolodner (hammered dulcimer), Laura Risk (fiddle), Robin Bullock (guitar)

Composers: Various

Format: 1 CD


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If you travel the Highlands, Hebrides and Northern Isles, you will likely see mysterious neolithic formations called Standing Stones. Ireland has Standing Stones as well, often taken to be early Bronze Age.

Tall and slender, powerful and stout, grey and brown and mottled with lichen, scarred by a millennium of graffiti, the stones pepper the landscape, remains of astranomical observatories, or religious rites, or navigational systems (who can say?) of times and people long forgotten.

Accepted by the Celts as homes to Fairies and sites of great battles between heroes and foes, the Standing Stones are known by name: The Ring of Brodgar, Long Meg, The Nine Maidens, The Twelve Apostles, The Standing Stones of Callanish.

Some folks say the Standing Stones get up and walk, they drink from nearby lochs, moving freely over the land—returning to their enigmatic arrangements before the first rays of the rising sun, you can see them now, poised between stillness and motion, ready to stir and venture forth from their ancient circles.

—Linda McKay Feldmann

Track List

1. Father Kelly's - Father Kelly (Irish)
2. Farrell O'Gara's - Trad. Irish/Scottish
3. Richard Dwyer's - Richard Dwyer (Irish American)
4. Clock Waltz - Trad. Quebecois
5. Princess Beatrice (Slow Air) - Trad. Scottish
6. Loudons Bonnie Braes Strathspey - Trad. Scottish
7. Princess Beatrice Hornpipe - Trad. Scottish
8. The Queen's Polka - Trad. Irish
9. The Bornish Polka - Trad. Irish
10. Walking Stones - Ken Kolodner
11. Caspian Lake - Ken Kolodner
12. The Bee's Wing Hornpipe - James Hill (Scottish)
13. Untitled Hornpipe - Trad. Irish
14. Dances des Foins - Trad. Quebecois
15. Reel Beatrice - Trad. Quebecois
16. Pierre n'as pas de culotte - Trad. Quebecois
17. Kevin Keegan's Waltz - (Irish American)
18. Ian Robertson - Tom Anderson (Shetland)
19. The Border Crossing - Ken Kolodner
20. The Panhandle - Ken Kolodner
21. The Cuckoo's Nest - Trad. Irish/Scottish/American
22. Tom Morrison's Hornpipe - Tom Morrison (Irish)
23. The Home Ruler - Frank McCallum (Irish)
24. The Green Gates - Trad. Irish
25. Tam Lin - Davey Arthur (Irish)
26. The Silver Spire - Trad. Irish
27. The Rakes of Kildare - Trad. Irish
28. The Mist Covered Mountain - Junior Crehan (Irish)
29. Lad O'Bierne's - Lad O'Bierne (Irish)
30. Carolan's Draught - Turlough O'Carolan
31. Louis Waltz - Trad. Canadian

Total time: 62:54
Release date: September 23, 1997
UPC: 053479024824

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