Artist: Enrique Arturo Diemecke (conductor), Lourdes Ambriz (soprano), Jesús Suaste (baritone), Cuarteto Latinoamericano, Octeto Vocal, Juan D. Tercero

Composer: Silvestre Revueltas

Format: 1 CD


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The quality of Revueltas' music, his artful use of musical language and his unique personality and strength of style go well beyond the interest that the folkloristic or nationalist elements, with which Revueltas is commonly associated, might have by themselves. This recording should contribute to establish more realistically the dimension of this composer's relevance within the music of this century. His work decidedly transcends the cultural borders of Mexico.

—Susana G. Aktories     —Roberto Kolb Neuhaus

Track List

1. TROKA "Dance Pantomime for Children" (for Orchestra) (1938) based on a short story by German List Arzubide

2. CUAUHNAHUAC (for String Orchestra) * (1931)

FIVE SONGS (for Voice and Instrumental Ensemble)
3. El Tecolote "The Owl," - words by Daniel Castaneda (1932)
4. Ranas "Frogs," - words by Daniel Castaneda (1932)
5. Duo para pato y canario "Duet for Duck and Canary," - words by Carlos Barrera (1932)
6. No se por que piensas tu "Why Do You Believe?," - words by Nicolas Guillen (1937)
7. Caminando "Walking," - words by Nicolas Guillen (1937)

8. ESCENAS INFANTILES "Scenes from Childhood" (for Chamber Ensemble) (1938)

CUATRO PEQUENOS TROZOS "Four Little Pieces" (for Two Violins and Cello)* (1929)
9. Lento
10. Deciso
11. Larghetto
12. Allegro non troppo

13. EL AFILADOR "The Knifesharpener" (for Wind Septet) (1926-1929)

14. PARIAN "Market" (for Soprano, Mixed Chorus and Chamber Orchestra) (1934)** words by Carlos Barrera

15. SENSEMAYA Canto para matar a una culebra "Sensemaya, Chant for the Killing of a Snake" (for Chamber Ensemble) based on a poem by Nicolas Guillen (Original version, 1937)

* With Cuarteteto Latinoamericano
** With Octeto Vocal Juan D. Tercero

Total time: 57:51
Release date: January 14, 1997
UPC: 053479024428

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