The Renaissance Lute

The Renaissance Lute


Artist: Ronn McFarlane

Composers: Pierre Attaingnant, Valentin Bakfark, Robert Ballard, William Byrd, FrancisCutting, Joan Ambrosio Dalza, John Dowland, Hans Judenkunig, Adrian Le Roy, Luys Milán, Francesco da Milano, Luys de Narváez, Hans Neusidler, Alessandro Piccinini, Antonio de Ribera

Format: 1 CD


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When first conceiving this recording, I imagined myself as a first time listener to the lute. I have tried to bring together a collection of pieces that capture some of the variety and range of styles of the Renaissance lute. The lute was the favorite solo instrument of the Renaissance, valued for its portability and its expressiveness. The lute's shadings of dynamics and tone color were literally at the tip of one's fingers I hope that these varying colors and textures of sound will help communicate the spirit and character of these pieces more clearly, as well as keeping the ear refreshed. For any variety of sounds will be meaningless unless tied to the emotional or structural content of the music —Ronn McFarlane

Total time: 75:44
Release date: February 1, 1994
UPC: 053479018625