The Art of the Lute

The Art of the Lute

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Artist: Ronn McFarlane

Composers: Pierre Attaingnant, Johann Sebastian Bach, Robert Ballard, Francis Cutting, John Dowland, Joan Ambrosio Dalza, Sir William Mure, Hans Neusidler

Format: 1 CD


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"The first time I picked up a lute was at a local music store," says Ronn McFarlane. "I'd been studying guitar, and I'd already learned a lot about the lute, so I was surprised to discover how awkward it was to hold and how disappointing and difficult it was to try to play. Very frustrating, like a foreign thing. "But I wasn't dissuaded. I found a way to buy one and worked with it and gradually it became comfortable, comfortable to the point where it became like an extension of my body. And that's the ideal with any instrument." "At the time I switched to lute, my guitar repertory was loading up more and more with Renaissance pieces, which I loved. Also, there was something about the lute itself that had a magnetic pull. It seemed to be a natural instrument for me."

Track List

From A Distant Shore [DOR-90242]
1. Prelude from Suite in E Major, BWV 1006a - J. S. Bach
2. Ciacona - Sylvius Leopold Weiss
3. Prelude in C Minor, BWV 999 - J. S. Bach
4. Fugue in G Minor, BWV 1000 - J. S. Bach 

From The Renaissance Lute [DOR-90186]
5. Passemeze - Adrian LeRoy
6. Ein welscher tantz Wascha mesa - Hans Newsidler
7. Der Hupff Auff - Newsidler
8. Branles de village - Robert Ballard
9. Forlorn Hope Fancy - John Dowland
10. Greensleeves - Anon. (Ballet Lute Book)
11. Greensleeves - Anon. (Thysius Lute Book)
12. Greensleeves - Francis Cutting

From Highland King [DOR-90257]
13. In ane inch I warrant - Anon. (The Rowallan Lute Book)
14. Untitled - Anon. (The Rowallan Lute Book)
15. Untitled - Anon. (The Rowallan Lute Book)
16. Maggae Hamfor - Anon. (The Rowallan Lute Book)
17. Katherines Bairdie - Anon. (The Rowallan Lute Book)
18. When she came in, she bobbed - master Beck
19. Simon brodie - mr Beck

From Lute Music of John Dowland [DOR-90148]
20. Captain Digorie Piper’s Galliard
21. My Lady Hunsdon’s Puffe
22. Lachrimae
23. Mrs. White’s Nothing

From The Scottish Lute [DOR-90129]
24. A Scots Tune - Anon. (The Rowallan Lute Book)
25. Corne Yards - Anon. (The Rowallan Lute Book)
26. Gypsies Lilt - Anon. (The Rowallan Lute Book)
27. A Scots Tune - Anon. (The Rowallan Lute Book)
28. A Scots Tune - Anon. (The Rowallan Lute Book)
29. The Canaries - Anon. (The Straloch Lute Book)
30. Canaries - Anon. (The Straloch Lute Book)

From Between Two Hearts [DOR-90225]
31. Pavane - Pierre Attaingnant
32. Branle gay - Pierre Attaingnant
33. Saltarello (two lutes)* - Joanambrosio Dalza
34. Piva (two lutes)* - Joanambrosio Dalza

Total time: 68:24
Release date: January 1, 2003
UPC: 053479002228