Orbon, Villa-Lobos, Estevez, Chavez

Orbon, Villa-Lobos, Estevez, Chavez


Artist: Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela, Eduardo Mata (conductor)

Composers: Carlos Chávez, Antonio Estevez, Julian Orbon, Heitor Villa-Lobos

Format: 1 CD


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This is one of the finest discs of Latin American orchestral music that you're ever likely to hear. The real discovery is Orbon's Tres Versiones Sinfonicas, a stunning three-movement suite that sounds a bit like Copland but with a more highly developed sense of form. If the first movement doesn't blow you away, then nothing can. Turn it up very loud, and let it rip! The other works are all well-known (except Estevez's Venezuelan landscape poem), and it's safe to say that these performances match or surpass the best of previous versions. The Venezuelan orchestra is a world-class ensemble, and Dorian has captured them in sound of supreme naturalness.

David Hurwitz

Track List

Julian Orbon
3 Versiones sinfonicas
1. No. 1. Pavana 9:28
2. No. 2. Organum 8:37
3. No. 3 Xilofono 2:51

Heitor Villa-Lobos
Bachinas brasileiras No. 2, “O trenzinho do Caipira”
4. I. Preludio: Adagio 5:41
5. II. Aria: Largo 5:12
6. III. Dansa: Andantino moderato 5:02
7. IV. Toccata: Un poco moderato 4:24

Antino Estevez
8. Mediodia en Llano (Noon on the Prairie) 7:17

Carlos Chávez
9. Sinfonia india, “Symphony No. 2” 11:52

Total time: 60:24
Release date: February 1, 1994
UPC: 053479017925