Les Chants d'Eros

Les Chants d'Eros


Artist: Claire Gignac

Composers: Various

Format: 1 CD


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Claire Gignac—voice, recorders, flute, bandoneon
Stéphane Allard—violin, mandolin, bowed psaltery
Marc Vallée—acoustic and classical guitars
Norman Lachapelle—acoustic bass guitars

When Claire Gignac began to put together the program of love songs that make up this recording, she wanted to encompass the many centuries during which we have been writing such songs. She immediately ran into a problem: "There are millions of them," she says. "I did a lot of research and a lot of listening and reading, trying to find the right songs and poems. I didn't want to sing all happy love songs or all sad ones, and I wanted to find songs that give different perspectives of love.” Even with the wealth of material available, "it's more difficult to find happy love songs. Longing is there of course, but I found poems that are also very serene, like the beautiful one by Victor Hugo.

—Byron Nilsson

Track List

1. L'amour en cage - Boris Vian / Jimmy Walter (Arr. All)
2. Est-ce ma faute à moi? - Charly Bailly / André Varel (Arr. Marc Vallée)
3. L'oie blessée - Chrétien de Troyes-Claire Gignac / Gignac
4. Ma plaisance chérie - Christine de Pisan / Gignac
5. Mon pauvre coeur soupire - Traditional (Arr. Vallée)
6. Que faire s'amour me laisse - Traditional (arr. Vallée)
7. Si je perdais mon ami - Traditional (Arr. All)
8. Un désordre agréable - Henriette de la Suze / Marc Vallée
9. Fille d'acier - Jacques Prévert / Joseph Kosma (Arr. All)
10. Puisque j'ai mis ma lévre - Victor Hugo / Gignac
11. Ta bouche - Marie Nizet / Gignac
12. Petite fleur - Sidney Béchet-Fernand Bonifay / Sidney Béchet (Arr. All)
13. Hymne à l'amour - Edith Piaf / Marguerite Monnot (Arr. Vallée)
14. La complainte de la Seine - Maurice Magre / Kurt Weill (Arr. François Sasseville, Vallée)
15. Youkali - Roger Fernay / Kurt Weill (Arr. Stéphane Allard)
16. La mort des amants - Charles Beaudelaire / Léo Ferré (Arr. Vallée)

Total time: 62:26
Release date: 2000
UPC: 053479028020

This recording is a surprise, a treat, a delicious diversion. The music is wonderful, the sound ideal. Don’t miss it.
— David Vernier, ClassicsToday.com

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