Celtic Dialogue

Celtic Dialogue


Artist: Jacqueline Schwab (piano), Laura Risk (fiddle)

Composers: William Forbes of Disblair, Traditional Scottish songs, Daniel Dow, William McGibbon, Patrick Mor MacCrimmon

Format: 1 CD


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The impulse for this recording came from David Johnson's book Scottish Fiddle Music in the 18th Century. The music in the book defies classification into modern genres; it hangs somewhere between a written art-tradition and an aural folk-tradition, somewhere between 'serious music' and pop.

Track List

1. Up tails a'
2. My Nanny O
3. A wife of my ain
4. She's sweetest when she's naked
5. Dusty Miller
6. Johnnie Faa
7. The collier's daughter
8. Robaidh dona gorach
9. The Highlander's farewell
10. Lady Jean Lindsay's Minuet
11. Johnnie Cope
12. Gowd on your gartens, Marion
13. Minuet in A, with variations
14. Welcome home, my dearie
15. Miss Carmichael's Minuet
16. Cumha na cloinne
17. Old Sir Symon the King
18. Through the wood, laddie

Total time: 67:00
Release date: February 9, 1999
UPC: 053479026422

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