English Mad Songs And Ayres

English Mad Songs And Ayres

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Artist: Julianne Baird (soprano), Colin Tilney (harpsichord), Alison Mackay ( viola da gamba)

Composers: Thomas Ame, Henry Purcell, John Blow

Format: 1 CD


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All but five of the songs on this recording were written by Henry Purcell (1659-1695), an exact and proper tribute not only to the sheer excellence of his craft and imagination, but also to his continually fresh appeal to modern ears. Purcell's fame rested partly on his contributions to the London stage, for which he wrote overtures, act tunes, dance music and songs in the later years of his career; in greater part, though, he was esteemed by connoisseurs for the nobility of his sacred settings, for his contrapuntal genius and for the intensity of his expressive ornamentation.

—Colin Tilney

Track List

1. Oh Solitude!/Henry Purcell (1659-1695)
2. The Fatal Hour/Purcell
3. Evening Hymn/Purcell
4. With Sick and Famish'd Eyes/Purcell
5. Be Welcome Then, Great Sir/Purcell
6. Hark! The Echoing Air/Purcell
7. Fame's an Echo/Thomas Ame (1710-1778)
8. Not on Beds of Fading Flow'rs/Ame
9. O Come, O Come my Dearest/Ame
10. Sleep, gentle Cherub, Sleep descend/Ame
11. Bess of Bedlam/Purcell
12. Harpsichord solo:A New Ground/Purcell
13. Music for a While/Purcell
14. Lysander I Pursue/John Blow (1649-1708)

Total time: 51:00
Release date: 1993
UPC: 053479010520