Acis and Galatea

Acis and Galatea


Artist: The Scholars of London

Composer: George Frideric Handel

Format: 1 CD


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Galatea—Kym Amps (soprano)
Acis—Robin Doveton (tenor)
Damon—Angus Davidson (countertenor)
Polyphemus—David van Aschn (bass)

Ryo Terekado (violin I), William Thorp (violin II), Pl Banda (violoncello), Jan Spencer (violone), Alayne Leslie (oboe I), Rowena Ellis (oboe II), Nancy Hadden (flute & recorder), Terence Charlston (harpsichord)

The story of Acis, Galatea and Polyphemus comes from Theocritus in the 3rd century B.C. via the Roman poet Ovid who treated the myth in verse in his Metamorphoses…The libreto for Handel's Acis and Galatea was by John Gay and can be considered as one of the finest in the English language.

—David van Asch

Track List

1. Sinfonia 3:28
2. Chorus: O the pleasure of the plains 5:50
3. Recitative (Galatea): Ye verdant plains 0:41
4. Air (Galatea): Hush, ye pretty warbling choir 3:44
5. Air (Acis): Where shall I seek the charming fair? 3:32
6. Recitative (Damon): Stay, shepherd, stay 0:24
7. Air (Damon): Shepherd, what art thou pursuing? 4:34
8. Recitative (Acis): Lo! here my love 0:25
9. Air (Acis): Love in her eyes sits playing 3:54
10. Recitative (Galatea): O didst thou know 0:18
11. Air (Galatea): As when the dove laments her love 3:51
12. Duet (Galatea & Acis): Happy we! 1:56

13. Chorus: Wretched lovers 4:13
14. Recitative (Polyphemus): I rage, I melt, I burn 1:28
15. Air (Polyphemus): O ruddier than the cherry 3:02
16. Recitative (Polyphemus & Galatea): Whither, fairest, art thou running? 1:20
17. Air (Polyphemus): Cease to beauty to be suing 5:27
18. Recitative (Acis): His hideous love 0:26
19. Air (Acis): Love sounds the alarm 2:50
20. Air (Damon): Consider, fond shepherd 4:13
21. Recitative (Galatea): Cease, O cease 0:23
22. Trio (Galatea, Acis & Polyphemus): The flocks shall leave the mountain 2:03
23. Recitative (Acis): Help, Galatea 1:16
24. Chorus: Mourn, all ye Muses 4:22
25. Solo (Galatea) & Chorus: Must I my Acis still bemoan? 4:18
26. Recitative (Galatea): ‘Tis done 0:25
27. Air (Galatea): Heart, the seat of soft delight 3:23
28. Chorus: Galatea, dry thy tears 2:48

Total time: 74:34
Release date: 1991
UPC: 053479322722

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