Notes on our Blu-ray Releases


Occasionally, we have questions about our Blu-ray releases. Today we'll answer a few of them.

Why won't my disc play in my CD player?
While it's possible that you've encountered a manufacturing defect, you may simply be using the wrong disc.

Notice that almost all recent Sono Luminus releases come packaged in a CD/Blu-ray double-disc case. Often the disc on top is the Blu-ray. It's possible that you're trying to play the Blu-ray disc in a player designed for audio CDs. (We've even seen a few automotive Blu-ray players, but they're extremely rare.) Look at the front of each disc for the Pure Audio Blu-ray Disc logo. Find the Compact Disc Digital Audio logo on the other disc. Make sure the player you're using is compatible with the type of disc your playing

How is this Blu-ray disc different from a Blu-ray I might see a movie released on?
With Regards to the Blu-ray disc for this release, it is a Pure Audio Blu-ray Disc, that is intended for audio only with CD style functionality and screen-less navigation (hence the lack of video content). The intention of the Blu-Ray audio is to provide the listener with a higher resolution Stereo version of the recording, and an additional immersive listening experience in surround sound with the 5.1 and 7.1 mixes.

How do I play a Blu-ray disc?
The Blu-ray will only play in a Blu-ray player, but once loaded, there is no need to turn on the TV. The experience should be the familiar experience of popping in a CD, hitting play and enjoying the music. The added bonus is that you can switch between the different mixes by simply hitting the colored buttons at the bottom of your remote.

Why are some tracks available the Blu-ray disc and not on the audio CD?
Auguries on the recent Inscape release is an example of this.
The reason Auguries was only included on the Blu-Ray was simply an issue of the data capacity of the CD format. We ran out of space on the CD, but had plenty on the Blu-ray disc.

Why should I care about Blu-ray?
We HIGHLY recommend listening to the Blu-ray in surround sound, as this is the truest representation of the actual recording sessions. During the sessions, we worked with the musicians and composers to place the instruments around the microphone array to capture every nuance in a unique surround sound experience. The microphones were in the middle of the ensemble with the players spaced around them. Listening to the Blu-ray puts you in the middle of the recording studio.

What is mShuttle?
Many of our titles also employ them mShuttle feature which allows us to provide the consumer with even more listening options by giving them digital copies of the album. Simply put the Blu-ray into a network equipped Blu-ray player and them mshuttle software will create a private network connection for you to download the mp3 and flac files.

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