Daniel Shores Featured on Exponential Audio's Website


Daniel Shores is featured on Exponential Audio's website.

There's a real lunge towards the nostalgic, the vintage mics, vintage compressors, vintage desks, but it sounds as if you are really trying to really nail this to be as close to reality as possible. So are you much more scientific in the way that you capture your sound?

Yes, actually I'm sitting in my mixing room right now. We don't even have a desk (console). We do everything from microphone to pre-amp to convertor to hard drive, and even in our approach we're very minimal. We release everything in Pure Audio Blu-ray and release it with a stereo, 5.1 and a 7.1 mix. For those mixes (let's say the 5.1) there are 6 microphones capturing that 5.1 mix.

And is that using a Decca Tree arrangement?
Sono Luminus Decca Tree
It's a modified version of that so we would have the rear channels. Then we will tweak it as needed but basically with the ITU surround set-up in mind. So we'll have one microphone for the center, one for left, right, rears in that sort of a configuration.

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