Vivaldi: La Notte

Vivaldi: La Notte

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Artist: Musica Pacifica, Judith Linsenberg (director), Elizabeth Blumenstock (director)

Composer: Antonio Vivaldi

Format: 1 CD


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For most listeners, the word concerto conjures up the great solo concertos of the Classical and Romantic eras for piano or violin and orchestra. In the Baroque era, we may again think immediately of solo concerts, including no fewer than 220 violin concertos by Antonio Vivaldi, not to mention examples for the flute, recorder, oboe, bassoon, etc. In addition, the Baroque cultivated the concerto grosso, a type of orchestral concerto, in which a small group of instruments emerges periodically to create a contrast with the full orchestral sound. A third type of concerto played a much smaller role in this era, so that its name may not even be familiar to music-lovers, although a number of charming examples have survived. Nowadays it is called the chamber concerto, although Vivaldi, who seems to have invented the genre, called this kind of piece merely "concerto." It is scored for a small chamber ensemble of two to four solo instruments with basso continuo; a bassoon, when present, may act as the bass line, play a solo role, or have some combination of the two.

—David Lasocki

Track List

Concerto in G Minor, La Notte, RV 104
1. Largo 1:34
2. Fantasmi: Presto – Largo – Andante – Presto 2:49
3. Il Sonno: Largo 1:23
4. Allegro 2:36

Concerto in F Major, RV 100
5. Allegro 2:40
6. Largo 2:25
7. Allegro 2:42

Concerto in D Major, RV 94
8. Allegro 3:38
9. Largo 2:48
10. Allegro 3:52

Sonata in G Minor, after Sonata in E Minor for violin and bc, RV 16 (Op. 2/9)
(Arr. Judith Linsenberg)
11. Preludio: Andante 6:54
12. Capriccio: Allegro 1:27
13. Giga: Allegro 2:52
14. Gavotta: Presto 0:35

Concerto in G Major, RV 101
15. Allegro 4:28
16. Largo 1:34
17. Allegro 2:42

Sonata in C Major, RV 3
18. Preludio: Largo 4:26
19. Corrente: Allegro 3:11
20. Largo 4:03
21. [Allegro] 3:43

Concerto in G Minor, RV 107
22. Allegro 2:15
23. Largo 3:53
24. Presto 2:47

Total time: 61:17
Release date: 2001
UPC: 053479325228