The Golden Age of the Russian Guitar

The Golden Age of the Russian Guitar


Artist: Oleg Timofeyev

Composers: Semion Aksionov, Nikolai I. Alexandrov, Vasily Serge Alferiev, Alexey Fyodorovich Lvov, Morkov, Vladimir Ivanovich, Michal Kleofas Oginski, A. Palevich, Vasily Stepanovich Sarenko, Andrey Osipovich Sychra, Aleksandr Vetrov, Mikhail T. Vysotsky, Fiodor Zimmerman

Format: 1 CD


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The first half of the 19th century witnessed the blossoming of the Russian seven-string guitar (tuned D G B d g b d'). During that time, an exquisite repertoire for the instrument was created, which departs significantly from the Western European guitar tradition. This compact disc is the world's pioneer recording of selections from that repertoire on original instruments. The performance is historically informed and based on a careful study of Russian 19th century guitar techniques. The pieces included represent the individual styles of eleven composers - ranging from "giants" such as Sychra and Vysotsky to less prolific ones like Alferiev and Palevich, of whom we have only a handful of pieces. This recording displays the variety, elegance and wit of the Russian guitar tradition as well as its technical and musical specificity. It offers only a first taste of a hitherto neglected repertoire which holds hundreds of excellent compositions ripe for rediscovery.

—Oleg V. Timofeyev

Track List

1. Sychra: As From Beyond the Forest *
2. Sychra; Polonaise (by Oginski) *
3. Sychra; God Save the Tsar (by L'vov) *
4. von Held: Polonaise Melancholique *
5. Alferiev: Where Shall I Find? *
6. Alferiev: I Am a Gypsy Girl *
7. Aksionov: Kamarinskaia *
8. Morkov: Prelude *
9. Morkov: Luchinushka *
10. Morkov: Kamarinskaia *
11. Vysotsky: As Behind the Dear River +
12. Vysotsky: Oh, It Hurts +
13. anon.: Barynia +
14. Alexandrov: Ballade *
15. Palevich: Potpourri from Glinka's Opera
"Ruslan and Liudmila" +
16. Vetrov: Impromptu +
17. Zimmerman: Capriccio *
18. Zimmerman: Tyrolian Waltz *
19. Sarenko: "At the Seashore" Fantasia +
20. Sarenko: Ukrainian Dance +
* Anonymous Russian 7-string guitar, ca. 1800 (the performer's collection)
+ Anonymous Russian 7-string guitar, ca. 1860 (the performer's collection)

Total time: 64:52
Release date: 1998
UPC: 053479317025