Songs of Mozart

Songs of Mozart


Artist: Julianne Baird (soprano), Colin Tilney (fortepiano)

Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Format: 1 CD


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Understandably at a banquet majestically set with Idomeneo, Don Giovanni and Die Zauberflöte, Mozart's smaller vocal works drop to the floor like table scraps. Superseded by his operas, his songs are often neglected. They suffer from the usual incapacity of most performers and listeners to judge a type of music according to the standards of its own time.

—J. Knighten Smit

Track List

1. Als Luise die Briefe, K. 520
2. An Chloe, K. 524
3. Lied zur Gesellenreise, K. 468
4. "Oiseaux, si tous les ans," K. 307 (284d)
5. "Dans un bois solitaire," K. 308 (295b)
6. Ridente la calma, K. 152 (210a)
7. "Sei du mein Trost," K. 391 (340b)
8. "Ich würd' auf meinem Pfad," K. 390 (340c)
9. Der Zauberer, K. 472
10. Die Alte, K. 517
11. Fortepiano solo: 12 Variations in B-flat Major, K. 500
12. Das Lied der Trennung, K. 519
13. Die Zufriedenheit, K. 473
14. Abendempfindung an Laura, K. 523
15. Das Veilchen, K. 476
16. Fortepiano solo: Minuet in D Major, K. 355
17. Das Traumbild, K. 530
18. Die Verschweigung, K. 518
19. Der Frühling, K. 597
20. Die kleine Spinnerin, K. 531

Total time: 61:26
Release date: August 31, 1993
UPC: 053479017321

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