Sonatas for Two Cellos, Book One

Sonatas for Two Cellos, Book One

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Artist: Brandywine Baroque

Composer: Jean-Baptiste Masse

Format: 1 CD


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Jean-Baptiste Joseph Masse (c.1700s-c.1757) Ordinaire de la Chambre du Roi and member of the King's Bande of Twenty-Four Violins, as well as member of the orchestra of Comédie Française, was a French composer and violoncellist in the court of Louis XV. He published five volumes of sonatas. Books I, II and V are for two cellos and basso continuo. Books III and IV are for two cellos without a figured bass.
—Karen Flint

The companion to this disc, Sonatas for Two Cellos, Book Two (DOR-93223) is out of print physically, but is available through these online and steaming services:

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Track List

Sonata I in C Major
1. Andante
2. Allegro ma non presto
3. Aria I & II: gratioso
4. Minuetto

Sonata II in D Major
5. Capricio Presto, Adagio
6. Allegro ma non Presto
7. Aria I & II: gratioso
8. Allegro

Sonata III in A Minor
9. Andante
10. Vivace
11. Sarabanda
12. Allegro

Sonata IV in E Minor
13. Largo
14. Allegro
15. Aria: gratioso
16. Giga Presto

Sonata V in B-flat Major
17. Andante un poco Vivace
18. Allegro ma non Presto
19. Largo
20. Presto

Sonata VI in G Minor
21. Capricio presto, Adagio: Andante
22. Andante Larghetto dolce et Lourée
23. Sarabanda
24. Aria I & II

Total time: 59:04
Release date: 1998
UPC: 053479322326

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Masse’s sonatas are...extraordinary for their ability to entertain and frequently amaze. This is a wonderful disc; a celebration of the cello; a real find.
— David Vernier,

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