Scarlatti Sonatas

Scarlatti Sonatas

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Artist: Colin Tilney

Composer: Domenico Scarlatti

Format: 1 CD


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Scarlatti's own mastery of the harpsichord had been learned in his youth at an Italian harpsichord. In middle life he played mostly on instruments of Italian or Spanish construction, although the Spanish court did possess one or two Northern-style keyboards. Scarlatti's whole sound-world is inspired by the Italian harpsichord, with its bright colours, quick speech and penetrating, singing tone. Every note in his mainly two-part lines must tell instantly, giving pitch and suggesting non-existent harmony; repetitions at the octave must evoke a different actor; the many exquisite (and neglected) slow movements must sing like prima donnas. All this an Italian harpsichord does effortlessly; on a French or Flemish instrument Scarlatti's music sounds splendid, but it is language spoken by a foreigner.

—Colin Tilney 

Track List

1. Presto in D Minor, K 18
2. Allergro in D Minor, K 9
3. Allegro in D Major, K 21
4. Andante in C Minor, K 302
5. Allegro in C Minor, K 84
6. Allegro in G Major, K 314
7. Allegro in G Minor, K 315
8. Allegro in G major, K 337
9. Cantabile andantino in D Major, K 277
10. Con velocità in D Major, K 278
11. Grave in B Minor, K 87
12. Presto in G Major, K 2
13. Presto in G Minor, K 12
14. Moderato in G Minor, K 30
15. Allegro in B-flat Major, K 334
16. Allegro in F Major, K 418
17. Andante moderato in C Major, K 86
18. Allegro in C Major, K 159
19. Allegro in A Minor, K 175

Total time: 70:12
Release date: 1988
UPC: 053479010322

...this disc gives a generous amount of pleasure.
— Lionel Salter, Gramophone

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