Renaissance Winds

Renaissance Winds

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Artist: Ensemble Doulce Mémoire

Composers: Various

Format: 1 CD


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On a July morning in 1508, young Domenico was riding his horse towards Bologna. He had almost reached the walls of the city when the cathedral bells began to ring. Almost immediately these grave and majestic sounds were joined by the clear and arrogant tones of military fanfares coming from a large number of trumpeters stationed above the great gate or mounted on horses. The first group of musicians advanced with their many drums along the road to Urbino. From this direction could be seen, on the first hilltop, a massive cloud of dust arising from the procession. . . .

Jean-Paul Boury, Tours, July 1998—Translation: Wyley Powell

Track List

1. Pavanes II & III (in 5 parts) Claude Gervaise (Ed.)
2. Gaillarde (in 4 parts) Claude Gervaise (Ed.)
Quart Livre de Danceries, Paris, Pierre Attaingnant, 1550.
3. Cueurs desolez (in 5 parts) Josquin Desprez
4. Plaine de dueil (in 5 parts) Josquin Desprez
Le Septiesme Livre, contenant vingt & quatre chansons ..., Anvers, T. Susato, 1545
5. T'meiskin was jonck (in 4 parts) Incerto
Harmonice Musices Obhecaton A, Venezia, O. Petrucci, 1501, f.29'-30
6. La Spagna (in 4 parts) Heinrich Isaac
Milano, Fabbrica del Duomo, Librone II.
7. Fortuna disperata (in 4 parts) Anon.
Bologna, Civico Museo Bibliografico Musicale, Codex Q 
18 ca. 1502., f. 28'-29
8. Taunder naken (in 3 parts) Henry VIII.
London, British Museum, Mus. Add. Ms. 31922, f. 82'.
9. T'andernaken (in 5 parts) Petrus Alamire
Wien, Österreichische Nationalbibliotek, Ms. 18810
10. Tandernac II (in 5 parts) Ludwig Senfl
Hundert und ainundzweintzig newelieder, J. Ott, 
Nürnberg, 1534
11. Almande d'amour (in 4 parts) Pierre Phalèse (Ed.)
12. Suite de Branles simples (in 4 parts) Pierre Phalèse (Ed.)
13. Branles gays (in 4 parts) Pierre Phalèse (Ed.)
All in: Chorearum Molliorum ...., Recueil de Danseries...., Anvers, Pierre Phalèse, 1583.
14. Pavane d'Angleterre (in 5 parts) Claude Gervaise (Ed.) &
VIème Livre de Danceries, Paris, Pierre Attaingnant, 1550.
Pavane III. (in 5 parts) Estienne Du Tertrev 
VIème Livre de Danceries, Paris, 1557.
15. Gaillard (in 5 parts) Estienne Du Tertre
VIème Livre de Danceries, Paris, 1557.
16. L'Alouette (Or sus, or sus) (in 4 parts) Clément Janequin
Chansons de Maistre C. Janequin, Paris, Pierre Attaingnant, 1528.
17. Pavana El Bisson (in 4 parts) Anon.
18. Gagliarda La Traditora (in 4 parts) Anon.
19. La Ternerina (in 4 parts) Anon.
20. Il Marchese di Saluzzo (in 4 parts) Anon.
21. L'Inglese (in 4 parts) Anon.
All in: München, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Mus. Ms. 1503h
22. A la Bataglia (in 4 parts) Heinrich Isaac
Firenze, Ms. Panciatichi 27, Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale.
23. Pavane de la Bataille (in 4 parts) Pierre Phalèse (Ed.)
Chorearum Molliorum ...., Recueil de Danseries ...., 
Anvers, Pierre Phalèse, 1583
24. Gaillarde de la Bataille (in 4 parts) Pierre Phalèse (Ed.)
Chorearum Molliorum ...., Recueil de Danseries ...., Anvers, Pierre Phalèse, 1583

Total time: 60:54
Release date: April 20, 1999
UPC: 053479026125