Mark Twain's America

Mark Twain's America


Artist: Jacqueline Schwab

Composers: Ernest Bucalossi, Harry Dacre, Stephen C. Foster, Charles K. Harris, Victor Herbert, Walter Kittredge, George Leybourne, Robert Lowry, James Lynam Molloy, James Scott, Jonathan Edwards Spilman, Henry Tucker

Format: 1 CD


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Track List

1. Sweet Genevieve (Henry Tucker)
2. Fisher's Hornpipe (Traditional)
3. Saratoga Hornpipe (Traditional)
4. Good for the Tongue (Traditional)
5. Cincinnati Hornpipe (Traditional)
6. Tis the last rose of summer (Thomas Moore)
7. Good old way (Traditional)
8. Beautiful dreamer (Stephen Foster)
9. Tenting on the old camp ground (Walter Kittredge)
10. Little Carrie's Favorite Galop (Traditional)
11. Sometimes I feel like a motherless child (Traditional)
12. Gentle Annie (Stephen Foster)
13. La Gitana: Valse no 3 (Ernest Bucalossi)
14. John Anderson (Robert Burns)
15. The Ameer: Schottische (Victor Herbert)
16. Oft in the stilly night (Thomas Moore)
17. Flow gently, sweet Afton (Jonathan Edwards Spilman)
18. A Psalm of Life (Traditional)
19. Glad Tidings (Traditional)
20. Shall we gather at the river? (Robert Lowry)
21. Battle Hymn of the Republic (Traditional)
22. The Flying Trapeze (George Leybourne)
23. Daisy Bell (Harry Dacre)
24. Love's Old Sweet Song (James L. Molloy)
25. After the Ball (Charles Kassell Harris)
26. The Fascinator (James Scott)

Total time: 61:15
Release date: 2001
UPC: 053479029928