Homages & Evocations

Homages & Evocations


Artist: Julian Gray, Ronald Pearl

Composers: Gilbert Biberian, William Bland, Loris Chobanian, Stephen Funk Pearson, Oliver Hunt, David Leisner, RobertoSierra, Jaime M. Zenamon

Format: 1 CD


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Before it is notated on paper, presented on a concert stage, or becomes a recording, music is always first an act. In an age that is transfixed on consumerism and crafty marketing of commodities, it is good to remind ourselves that all art is a celebration of, and a haven for, the miracle of creation. As we gathered the music together for this program, we were struck by the fact that all of the pieces were about something. They were either homages to people or places, or evocations of a mood or poetic imagery—and so the title formed itself for this collection.

—Julian Gray and Ronald Pearl

Track List

Track List Heading 3

Total time: 77:04
Release date: October 1, 1996
UPC: 053479023025