Handel: The Italian Years and Works by Telemann and Vivaldi

Handel: The Italian Years and Works by Telemann and Vivaldi


Artist: Julianne Baird, Philomel Baroque Orchestra

Composers: George Frideric Handel, Georg Philipp Telemann, Antonio Vivaldi

Format: 1 CD


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Italy was the nursery not only of opera, oratorio and chamber cantata but of the principal instrumental forms, the concerto and the sonata. It was to Florence and then to Rome that Handel traveled in 1706.

A good friend of Bach and Handel, Georg Philipp Telemann was a virtuoso performer on almost every instrument, a poet, musical theorist, mathematician, impresario and amateur botanist. He composed vast quantities of music and is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most prolific composer of all time.

Vivaldi began his work at Venice's Ospedale della Pietà as teacher, conductor, and composer in 1704, and soon his instrumental works became famous, especially the concertos as heard at the Pietà's public services performed by its brilliant female orchestra.

—Spencer Carroll, 1991

Track List

1. Tra le fiamme, HWV 170 by George Frideric Handel

2. Nel dolce dell'oblio, HWV 134 (Pensieri notturni di Filli) by George Frideric Handel

3. Alpestre monte, HWV 81 by George Frideric Handel

Essercizii musici, P 47: no 14, Trio Sonata in F major, TV 42 no F 3 by Georg Philipp Telemann
4. I. Vivace
5. II. Mesto
6. III. Allegro

7. All'ombra di sospetto, RV 678 by Antonio Vivaldi

Total time: 53:32
Release date: August 31, 1993
UPC: 053479014726