Fauré: The Two Piano Quartets

Fauré: The Two Piano Quartets


Artist: The Ames Piano Quartet

Composer: Gabriel Fauré

Format: 1 CD


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Mahlon Darlington, violin
Jonathan Sturm, viola
George Work, cello 
William David, piano

Gabriel Fauré is recognized presently as one of the most significant composers of late nineteenth and early twentieth century France. In particular, he is known as a supreme master of of French mélodies and chamber music, his two preferred genres. But like all too many composers, he was not a great popular success in his own lifetime. Even those works which were received most favorably, such as the Violin Sonata brought him little in the way of remuneration. Emile Vuillermoz, a student of Fauré's, who was later to become one of France's most influential critics, recounts with considerable indignation that the Society of Authors and Composers haughtily refused to accept Fauré as Vuillermoz' sponsor because Fauré had never made as much as 200 francs per month in royalties!

—George Work

Track List

Piano Quartet No.1 in C Minor, Op. 15
1. Allegro molto moderato
2. Scherzo: Allegro vivo
3. Adagio
4. Allegro molto

Piano Quartet No. 2 in G Minor, Op. 45
5. Allegro molto moderato
6. Allegro molto
7. Adagio non troppo
8. Allegro molto

Total time: 64:21
Release date: August 31, 1993
UPC: 053479014429

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