Chausson & Ibert

Chausson & Ibert


Artists: Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Eduardo Mata (conductor)

Composers: Ernest Chausson, Jacques Ibert

Format: 1 CD


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Ibert's sunny musical travelogue receives one of its finest performances on this sparklingly played and flawlessly recorded disc. Eduardo Mata always had a special affinity for French music, and this performance is one of his very best. The wacky Divertissement derives from stage music, and it includes some very funny references to Mendelssohn's Wedding March and what sounds a lot like a football fight song (complete with referee whistles). Chausson's only Symphony is another matter entirely, the logical successor to Franck's famously serious Symphony in D minor. It's a measure of Mata's range as a conductor that he does so well with music of such differing character. -—David Hurwitz

Track List

Ernest Chausson (1855-1899)
Symphony in B-Flat, Op. 20 (1890)
1. Lento; Allegro vivo
2. Trés lent; Un Peu plus vite
3. Animé; très animé

Jacques Ibert (1890-1962)
Escales (Ports of Call) (1922)
4. Palérmo: Calme
5. Tunis: Modéré très rythmé
6. Valencia: Animé

Divertissement (1930)
7. Introduction: Allegro vivo
8. Cortège: Moderato molto
9. Nocturne: Lento
10. Valse: Animato assai
11. Parade: Tempo di marcia
12. Finale: Quasi cadenza

Total time: 59:38
Release date: June 28, 1994
UPC: 053479018120