Adew Dundee

Adew Dundee


Artist: The Baltimore Consort

Composers: Andrew Blackhall, Estienne Du Tertre, John Forbes

Format: 1 CD


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Mary Anne Ballard — treble and bass viols, rebec
Mark Cudek — cittern, Baroque guitar, tenor viol, tenor recorder
Custer LaRue — soprano

The lure of Scottish melody with its gapped scales and "scotch snaps" (short-long rhythms) motivated the English to set new words to Scottish tunes or to write new tunes in imitation of Scottish style. The popularity of "Scotch" style reached its zenith after the Restoration, culminating in the publications of the Playfords and Thomas Thomas D'Urfey, the latter of whom is represented here by the two selections from Wit and Mirth: or, Pills to Purge Melancholy of 1719: The Scotch Cuckold and Catherine Logy.

—Mary Anne Ballard

Track List

1. The gowans are gay — John Forbes, Cantus, Songs and Fancies 1662 3:31
2. Adew Dundee — Skene Mandora MS c.1630-33 1:36
3. Remember me my deir — Robert Edwards’ Commonplace Book 1630-65 4:16
4. Ane ground — Duncan Burnett’s Music Book 1610 3:27
5. A New Scotch Song of Catherine Logy — Wit and Mirth: or, Pills to Purge Melancholy 1719 2:44
6. The Scotch cuckold — Pills to Purge Melancholy 3:03
7. Green grows the rashes — Balcarres Lute Book 1692-94 1:42
8. Alace I lie alone — Skene Mandora MS 2:38
9. Blew breiks — Skene Mandora MS 1:48
10. Adeu O desie of delyt — Andro Blackhall (1535-1609), Thomas Wode’s Partbooks 2:50
11. Generall Leslys goodnight — Wemyss Lute Book c.1645 2:03
12. Lesleis lilt — Skene Mandora MS 1:34
13. Peggy is over ye sie wi’ a souldier — Skene Mandora MS 0:53
14. I mett her in the medowe — Skene Mandora MS 1:29
15. The old man — Straloch Lute Book c.1627-29 0:31
16. Richt soir opprest — The Art of Music Collecit… c.1580 5:44
17. Suit smiling Katie loves me — Panmure MS c.1680 1:28

18. Whip my toudie — Straloch Lute Book 1:44
19. Remember me at evening — Skene Mandora MS 1:55
20. A Scot’s tune — Skene Mandora MS 2:02

21. Woe worth the tyme — Thomas Wode’s Partbooks 1562-1590 2:56
22. What mightie motion — Thomas Wode’s Partbooks 7:05
23. Branles d’escosse — Estienne du Tertre, VIIme livre de danceries 1557 3:35

Total time: 60:34
Release date: 2003
UPC: 053479031426

The instrumental performances are wonderfully spirited. Soprano Custer LaRue sings well. The lightness and facility in her voice seems well suited to this repertory. The notes offer excellent information about the history of the music.
— Peter Loewen, American Record Guide

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