A Trip to Coney Island

A Trip to Coney Island

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Artist: The New Columbian Brass Band, George Foreman (conductor)

Composers: Theodore Moses Tobani, D. W. Reeves, Andrew Herman, C. L. Barnhouse, T. H. Rollinson, Albert C. Sweet

Format: 1 CD


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In 1884, writing in Harper's Weekly, Leon Mead estimated that more than 10,000 bands were active throughout the United States. From the largest cities to the smallest village, bands were an important thread in the fabric of American life. During the period from around 1880 to 1920, sometimes called the “Golden Age of American bands,” thousands upon thousands of original works and arrangements for band were published. All but forgotten now in that parade of marches, waltzes, cornet solos, and transcriptions of opera overtures was a genre of program music known by the bandsmen of the period as “descriptives” or “descriptive overtures.”

—George Foreman

Track List

1. A Trip to Coney Island, (Serio-Comic Fantasia, 1889) — Theodore Moses Tobani
2. The Evening Call (Scenes Descriptive of a Young Man's Call on His Girl, 1894) — D. W. Reeves (edited by Steve Charpie)
3. Columbus , (Grand Descriptive Fantasia, 1898) — Andrew Herman
4. The Battle of Shiloh (March, 1888) — C. L. Barnhouse
5. The Hunting of the Snark (Epical Parody in Six Cantos, 1903) — T. H. Rollinson
6. The Battle of San Juan Hill (Grand Descriptive Military Fantasia 1909) — Albert C. Sweet

Total time: 61:02
Release date: 1996
UPC: 751758015326

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