Quincy Porter: Complete Viola Works

Quincy Porter: Complete Viola Works


Artists: Eliesha Nelson (viola), John McLaughlin Williams (piano), Douglas Rioth (harp)

Composer: Quincy Porter

Format: 1 CD


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Winner of the 53rd GRAMMY Award for Best Engineered Classical Album

Celebrated American composer Quincy Porter (1897-1966) developed a unique music style and sound as a result of his studies in France with André Caplet and Vincent d’Indy, and in New York with Ernest Bloch. Porter’s music has a singing quality, possessing genuine rhythmic verve and is always fresh, spontaneous, independent, intellectual, and at the same time emotionally vital. Howard Hanson, stated that “Porter’s strings weave golden strands of melody, and his harmonies re-create for the ear of the listener the spirit of beauty.” As a violist, Porter created for his instrument an important, enduring, and stimulating body of musical literature. For the very first time, all of Porter’s works for viola have been recorded and are available on this disc. Performed by Cleveland Orchestra violist Eliesha Nelson, in collaboration with GRAMMY winner John McLaughlin Williams, and San Francisco Symphony principal harpist Douglas Rioth, this recording is a must for anyone interested in the repertoire of the viola or American music. 

Eliesha Nelson began her musical life as a child of 8 in North Pole, Alaska playing violin. In 1997 she moved her focus and passion from violin to the viola, and pursued a masters at the Cleveland Institute of Music. In 2000, after a year of performing as principal violist with the Florida Philharmonic, Eliesha was awarded a position in the world-renowned Cleveland Orchestra where she continues to perform today.


Track List

Concerto for Viola and Orchestra (1948)
1. Adagio
2. Allegro
3. Largo
4. Allegro giusto
Northwest Sinfonia conducted by John McLaughlin Williams

5. Speed Etude (1948)
with John McLaughlin Williams, piano

6. Duo for Viola and Harp (1957)
with Douglas Rioth, harp

Suite for Viola Alone (1930)
7. Lento
8. Allegro furioso
9. Lerghetto
10. Allegro spirituoso

11. Blues Lointains for Viola and Piano (1928)
with John McLaughlin Williams, piano

12. Poem for Viola and Piano (1948)
with John McLaughlin Williams, piano

13. Duo for Viola and Harpsicord (1957)
with John McLaughlin Williams, harpsichord

Duo for Violin and Viola (1954)
14. Allegretto
15. Lento
16. Allegro molto
with John McLaughlin Williams, piano

Total time: 73:47
Release date: September 2010
UPC: 053479091123

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...a very warm welcome to this release and the strongest recommendation.
— Jerry Dubins, Fanfare

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