Passion and Lament: Choral Masterworks of the 17th Century

Passion and Lament: Choral Masterworks of the 17th Century


Artist: The Bach Sinfonia, Daniel Abraham (conductor)

Composers: Salamone Rossi, Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber, Giacomo Carissimi

Format: 1 CD


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Hailed by the Washington Post as “One of the area’s important chamber ensembles”, The Bach Sinfonia, under the direction of conductor Daniel Abraham, gives an exciting and reflective performance exploring the beauty and tonal intricacies of some of the most stellar choral works of the 17th century on their second release with Dorian Sono Luminus—Passion and Lament: Choral Masterworks of the 17th Century.

Singers and Instrumentalists join forces for this recording of Biber’s Stabat Mater, a work music director Daniel Abraham prepared from original manuscripts for the modern concert premiere in May 2008. In addition to this forgotten masterwork, this recording offers the rare opportunity to explore six of Rossi’s radiant polyphonic Hebrew Settings from Hashirim asher lish’lomo (The Songs of Solomon), the composers important choral offering of choral compositions for the standard Jewish liturgy.

Also on the album in Carissimi’s Beautiful oratorio Histori di Jepthe, the first true masterwork in this genre which tells the story of Jepthe, the military general who must uphold his promise and sacrifice his daughter as an offering for his in battle. The Dramatic musical imagery of this early oratorio includes songs of triumph and victory, innocence and praise, and anguish and lament which unfold in stunning solo passages and some of the most stirring choruses in all of the Baroque era.

Recorded in the heart of the Nation’s Capital, this album’s beautiful choral passages matched with the the power and passion of the the soloists performance, in addition to a premier recording, are sure to put this album at the top of every music lovers list.

Track List

Settings from Hashirim asher lish'lomo ("The Songs of Solomon"), Salamone Rossi (c.1570-c.1628)
1. Eftach na sefatai a7
2. Shir hamma'alot. Ashrei kol yere Adonai a3 (Psalm 128)
3. Shir hamma'alot. Ashrei kol yere Adonai a5 (Psalm 128)
4. Odekha ki'anitani a6 (Psalm 118: 121-24)
5. Elohim, hashivenu a4 (Psalm 80:4, 8, 20)
6. Shir hamma'alot. Beshuv Adonai a5 (Psalm 126)

Stabat Mater, Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber (1664-1704)
7. Verse 1: Stabat Mater dolorosa
8. Verse 3: O quam tristis et afficta
9. Verse 7: Pro peccátis suae gentis
10. Verse 10: Fac, ut árdeat cor meum
11. Verse 11: Sancta Mater, istud agas
12. Verse 12: Quando corpus moriéter

Historia di Jephte, Giacomo Carissimi (1605-1674)
13. (Instrumental Pro-long improvised) Historicus: Cum vocasset in proelieum filios/Jephte: Si tradiderit Dominus
14. Coro a6: Transivit ergo Jephte
15. Historicus (coro) a2: Et clangebant tubae
16. Basso Solo: Fugite, cedite, impii, perite genres
17. Coro a6: Fugite, cedite, impii, corruite
18. Historicus: Et percussit Jephte
19. Historicus (coro) a3: Et ululantes filii Ammon
20. Historicus: Cum autem victor Jephte
21. Filia: Incipite in tympanis
22. Historicus (coro) a2: Hymnum cantemus Domino
23. Filia: Cantate mecum Domino
24. Coro a6: Cantemus omnes Domino
25. Historicus: Cum vidisset Jephte
26. Jephte: Heu mihi!/Filia: Cur ego te pater decepi/Jephte: Aperui os meum ad Dominum
27. Filia: Pater mi, si vovisti votum Domino/Jephte: Quid poterit animam tuam/Filia: Dimitte me/Jephte: Vade, filia mia unigentia
28. Historicus (coro) a4: Abiit ergo in montes filia Jephte
29. Filia & Eccho: Plorate, plorate colles
30. Coro a6: Plorate filii Israel

Total time: 55:53
Release date: October 2009
UPC: 053479091321

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The performance here is well done, and the crucial concluding chorus Plorate filii Israel is very well handled and particularly effective...
— "Uncle" Dave Lewis, All Music Guide

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