Masses for Celebration

Masses for Celebration


Artist: Orchestra of New Spain, Grover Wilkins (director)

Composer: Francisco Courcelle

Format: 1 CD


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Masses for Celebration is centered around the 44-year career of Madrid's most unusual 18th-century composer, Francisco Courcelle. Of French parents, Italian birth and Spanish career, he was a thoroughly international man. The two mass settings on this recording are from 1750 and 1763. The mass set on the hymn tune Ave maris stella was composed near the beginning of the reign of Fernando VI and Barbara de Braganza, a period of particularly active music composition under this music loving couple. 

Under the direction of Grover Wilkins, the Orchestra of New Spain is composed of forty musicians, instrumentalists and singers, specializing in Baroque music as well as ideal exponents of the dramatic music of the 18th century. The stability of the Orchestra's membership brings to the repertory an unusual sensitivity to its original purpose and the expression thereof. 

Track List

On the hymn tune Ave maris stella
1. Kyrie
2. Gloria
3. Gratias agimus tibi
4. Domine Deus, Rex celestis
5. Qui tolis peccata mundi
6. Quoniam tu solus Sanctus
7. Cum Sancto Spiritu
8. Credo
9. Et incarnatus est
10 Crucifixus
11. Et resurrexit
12. Et vitam venturi seculi
13. Sanctus
14. Agnus Dei

On the hymn tune Exultabunt sancti in gloria
15. Kyrie
16. Gloria
17. Gratias agimus tibi
18. Domine Deus, Tex celestis
19. Qui tollis pecata mundi
20. Quoniam tu solus Sanctus
21. Qui sedes
22. Quoniam
23. Cum Sancto Spiritu
24. Credo
25. Et incarnatus est
26. Crucifuxus
27. Et resurrexit
28. Et vitam venturi seculi
29. Sanctus
30. Agnus Dei

Total time: 72:07
Release date: 2009
UPC: 053479090324

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The singers and players are expert, making a very impressive sound for the 40-member ensemble.
— J. F. Weber, Fanfare

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