Jean-Marie Leclair: The Complete Sonatas for Two Violins

Jean-Marie Leclair: The Complete Sonatas for Two Violins


Artists: Greg Ewer, Adam Lamotte

Composer: Jean-Marie Leclair

Format: 2 CDs + 1 Pure Audio Blu-ray


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With its newest release, Sono Luminus offers an example of the best of what happens when important repertoire, inspired performance, and beautiful instruments meet cutting-edge technology. For the first time as one complete set and in high-definition on Pure Audio Blu-ray: Jean-Marie LeClair’s Complete Sonatas for Two Violins.

Leclair’s contribution to music history cannot be overstated. His innovation as a composer revolutionized the French school of violin playing and his playing helped to raise the standard of playing in France immeasurably. By weaving together elements of Italian and French music, he created an entirely new compositional style. His duos influenced later composers such as Mozart, de Beriot, Viotti, and closer to our own time, Bartok and Berio.

Greg Ewer and Adam Lamotte currently hail from the Pacific Northwest. Greg is well known to audiences for his regular appearances with the Oregon Symphony, Portland Baroque Orchestra, Third Angle New Music Ensemble and PinkMartini. He is also the founder and artistic director of 45th Parallel. He holds faculty positions at Reed College and Lewis & Clark College.

Adam Lamotte has appeared as soloist, concertmaster, and conductor of numerous orchestras throughout the country, including the Northwest Sinfonietta in Seattle, String Orchestra of the Rockies, Astoria Festival Orchestra, Portland Baroque Orchestra, and the Maggini String Orchestra in Houston. He is the founder of The Orchestra, a conductorless ensemble which creates “tapestry” programs, combining drastically different pieces into a single concert experience. His is the Artistic Director of the Montana Baroque Festival.

This product comes in a high-resolution Pure Audio Blu-ray/2 CD package. Pure Audio Blu-ray offers screen-less navigation, high resolution stereo and surround sound mixes, as well as digital copies via mShuttle. Performed on period instruments, the album is sure to be a perfect addition to the collections of audiophiles, early music lovers, and violin lovers.

Track List

CD 1
Six Sonatas for Two Violins, Op. 3
1-3. Sonata 1 in G Major 7:41
4-6. Sonata 2 in A Major 7:17
7-9. Sonata 3 in C Major 11:16
10-12. Sonata 4 in F Major 10:04
13-15. Sonata 5 in E minor 7:33
16-19. Sonata 6 in D Major 9:43

Six Sonatas for Two Violins, Op. 12
1-3 *(20-22). Sonata 1 in B minor 9:20
4-7 *(23-26). Sonata 2 in E Major 15:11
8-11 *(27-30). Sonata 3 in D Major 10:21
12-15 *(31-34). Sonata 4 in A Major 13:17
16-18 *(35-37). Sonata 5 in G minor 10:17
19-22 *(38-41). Sonata 6 in B Flat Major 12:13

*(Blu-Ray Tracks)

Total time: 123:51
Release date: March 2014
UPC: 053479217622

Quotes & Reviews

…their performances are musically engaging and artistically satisfying.

Robin Stowell, The Strad

Those who cherish these sonatas, those who admire Leclair, and those who simply love the violin—all should find these CDs and the accompanying Blu-ray highly attractive. The recorded sound’s fine, too, with no heavy breathing. Urgently recommended.

Robert Maxham, Fanfare Magazine

It’s played in a way that invites you in, quietly and unostentatiously. Yet, once you’re ‘hooked’, Ewer and Lamotte expose its subtleties and strengths in ways that make you want to listen all over again. Quite something.

Mark Sealey, MusicWeb International

This is among the best sounding solo violin recordings I’ve ever encountered. Make that two solo violins…

Their combined effort adds up to something more than the sum of its considerable parts.

Andrew Quint, The Absolute Sound