J. S. Bach: Art of the Fugue

J. S. Bach: Art of the Fugue


Artist: Les Violons du Roy

Composers: Johann Sebastian Bach

Format: 1 CD


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If you know only three things about the Art of the Fugue, they are probably these: it was the last piece Bach composed; he died before he could complete it; and, he wrote it as a purely theoretical work not intended to be played by any particular instruments. All three are misconceptions, however, born of Romantic and high-modernist clichés about Bach's career and the nature of his music, and propped up by outdated scholarship. But since these misconceptions linger stubbornly to this day, they are still worth refuting...continued in the CD booklet.
—Kevin Bazzana

Track List

1. Contrapunctus I
2. Contrapunctus II
3. Canon alla Ottava
4. Contrapunctus III
5. Contrapunctus IV
6. Canon alla Decima, in Contrapunto alla Terza
7. Contrapunctus V
8. Contrapunctus VI in Stylo Francese
9. Canon alla Duodecima, in Contrapunto alla Quinta
10. Contrapunctus VII
11. Contrapunctus VIII a 3
12. Contrapunctus IX
13. Canon per Augmentationem in contrario Motu
14. Contrapunctus X
15. Contrapunctus XI

Contrapunctus inversus XII
16. a) Rectus (XIIa)
17. b) Inversus (XIIb)

Contrapunctus inversus XIII a 3
18. a) Rectus (XIIIa)
19. b) Inversus (XIIIb)

20. Contrapunctus XIV
21. Completed by Bernard Labadie after Davitt Moroney
(Complété par Bernard Labadie d’aprés Davitt Moroney)
APPENDIX: Variations of Contrapunctus XIII
APPENDICE : Variantes du Contrapunctus XIII
22. Fuga a 2 Clav. (XIIIa)
23. Alio modo. Fuga a 2 Clav. (XIIIb) 

Total time: 76:53
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