Indigo Road

Indigo Road


Artist: Ronn McFarlane

Composer: Ronn McFarlane

Format: 1 CD


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Nominated for the 51st Grammy Awards for Best Classical Crossover Album!

Dorian Recordings is pleased to release Ronn McFarlane’s exciting, original music written for and performed on the lute. Showcasing both period and modern instruments, Indigo Road bridges the gap between traditional and modern music by linking Ronn’s background in early music with his unique talent for composition. 

Historically, the lute player and the composer of lute music were one and the same. By composing original, modern works for this age-old instrument, Ronn McFarlane has devoted himself to reviving the old tradition. Many of the new pieces on Indigo Road tread the line between popular, folk, new age and classical music. Some of the works draw heavily on Renaissance and Baroque styles, while others are expressed in a completely modern musical
idiom. All of the compositions were originally conceived as solos, however McFarlane adds parts for bass, ute, harp, percussion, cittern, harmonium and string quartet to several of the tunes, in order to heighten individual mood and character. 

By bridging the gap between Renaissance and modern music, McFarlane has made a recording of very accessible music, being true to the title song, Indigo Road, which signifies a spiritual path or the road we take through life. The pieces take the listener down aural roads from one composition to the next: from the peaks of “Denali,” to “Pinetops,” into a storming sky in “Blue Norther” and across “Uncharted Waters”...we are transported to the future through dreams and left feeling wistful and nostalgic as if remembering the distant past. 

Track List

1. Cathedral Cave
2. Indigo Road
3. Denali
4. Overland
5. Pinetops
6. Blue Norther
7. Chocolate Factory
8. Rosa
9. Uncharted Waters
10. Sycamore
11. Dowland's Goodnight
12. Early Christmas Morning
13. Gigue
14. Thistleheart
15. Over the Green Earth
16. Augusta

Total time: 53:54
Release date: 2007
UPC: 053479070128