From Whence We Came

From Whence We Came


Artist: Ensemble Galilei

Composer: Various

Format: 1 CD + 1 Pure Audio Blu-ray


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From Whence We Came. From the first notes of this CD, you know you are hearing something new and groundbreaking. Each track tells its own story. A tragedy from Sweden, a joke from Ireland, a lament from Scotland, a life well lived from America. The musicians of Ensemble Galilei have brought together a repertoire unparalleled in breadth, and they perform these pieces with unfettered virtuosity. Borders crossed, genres bent, new approaches to old music, this CD is unbelievably compelling as a work of art, rapturously accessible as a piece of music. Carolyn Surrick explains: “Sue brought “Miss Abbott,” a tune she wrote years ago for her mother and I brought “Uti Dahlin,” a Swedish song sung by my great-grandmother to her children. Jackie brought “Amy’s” and “Sophie’s Slip Jig,” the first a tune written for his wife, the second for his daughter. I wrote “Lindsay’s Keys” for my dear friends’ wedding and “Ginger’s,” a chant for strength and faith. I first heard “Innerståfrid’n (Innermost Peace),” and “Vals efter ‘Jonte i Byom" at Walter Reed, not always a place for cheery, upbeat music. These tunes perfectly express a solemn, soulful, reflection of a world where goodness does not always triumph and darkness is not a curse. There are storied histories to the other tunes—Ryan’s long and deep love of Scottish music made manifest in the “Sitting on the Stern of the Boat” set, Isaac and his pipe set from Ireland, Kathryn Montoya’s perfect partnership with Jackie on “John Come Kiss Me Now,” and the Telemann and Marais, pieces for the gamba that have been a part of my life for more than thirty years.”


Ensemble Galilei
Founded in 1990, Ensemble Galilei is an ensemble of players from both classical and Celtic backgrounds, playing Irish and Scottish airs and dance tunes, early and medieval music, and original compositions. This recording features Isaac Alderson (uilleann pipes, Irish flute, whistle), Ryan McKasson (fiddle), Kathryn Montoya (baroque oboe and recorder), Jackie Moran (drums, percussion, banjo, vocals), Sue Richards (Celtic harp), and Carolyn Surrick (viola da gamba). The Ensemble takes their name and inspiration from the life of composer Vincenzo Galilei, whose influence, some four hundred years ago, helped restore a vital element of passion to the music of the day. The Ensemble infuses ancient music with a spirit of improvisation and liveliness. To achieve their unique Celtic sound, Ensemble Galilei has melded the elegance of chamber music with the energy and excitement of traditional music. An intricate blend of instruments grants listeners passage to another world, evoking musical images of the ancient Celts and bringing these images to life for today's audiences. They have performed and toured globally for almost twenty-five years, and have been featured on multiple recordings and radio performances. They have notably collaborated with National Geographic in the documentary “First Person: Stories from the Edge of the World” and with the Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibit for “First Person: Seeing America.”

Track List

1. Iris — Guido Piccard     3:12                    

2. Minuet and Caprice — Marin Marais     2:46

3. Sitting in the Stern of a Boat — Reverend William McLeod     8:12
Whistle O’er the Lave ‘t 
Lord Balgonie’s Favorite
Marry Me Now
The Very Last Straw — Ryan McKasson

4. An Bonnán Buí — Traditional Irish     5:09
The Collier’s Reel — Traditional Irish
Last Night’s Fun — Traditional Irish

5. Douglas and Fiona Shearer — Jenna Reid     2:17

6. Bonnie at Morn — Traditional Scottish     6:52
Amy’s — Jackie Moran

7. Sophie’s Slip Jig  — Jackie Moran     3:08
The Sanctuary — Enda Scahill
Far from Home — Traditional Irish

8. Inneståfrid’n efter Arvid Brännlund  — Traditional Swedish     5:53
Amanda — Roger Tallroth

9. John Come Kiss Me Now — Davis Mell     2:35

10. Uti Dahlin — Swedish Hymn     3:27
Miss Abbott — Sue Richards

11. Largo from the A minor Viola da Gamba Sonata  — Georg Philipp Telemann     5:23
”Vals efter “Jonte i Byom,” — Jonas Jonsson i Norra Lit”

12. Lindsay’s Keys – Carolyn Surrick     4:04

13. Ginger’s — Carolyn Surrick     3:27
Be Thou My Vision — Irish Hymn

Total time: 61:00
Release date: September 25, 2015
UPC: 053479219428

Quotes & Reviews

These are first-rate musicians with a sense of borderless possibilities and a beautiful sound. They give you a respite from the modern intensities of our world with music of breadth and content. This is indeed an exceptional experience!

Grego Applegate Edwards, Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review

It’s a hodgepodge, yes, but a carefully designed and exquisitely executed one.

Rick Anderson, CD Hotlist

This lovely recital – it feels much more than a simple collection – is a winning blend…

A lovely blend of folk tunes, early music and original compositions showing a high degree of musicianship.

Roger Blackburn, MusicWeb International

Virtuoso technique, an instinctive feeling for the idiom, and the courage to improvise…they play with energy, splendid ensemble, good humor and imagination.
— The Washington Post

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