Artists: I Furiosi, Gabrielle McLaughlin (soprano), Aisslinn Nosky (violin), Julia Wedman (violin), Felix Deak (cello), With guests: Lucas Harris (lute and theorbo), James Johnstone (harpsichord), Stephanie Martin (organ)

Composers: Various

Format: 1 CD


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In keeping the the innovative and original program ideas always behind I Furiosi's live performances, this exciting, program, travels down the corridors of insanity itself, either through the subject of the piece, the disturbed mind of its composer. Crazy features a collection of works from some of the greatest composers of the 16th-18th century including Handel, Vivaldi, Veracini, Falconieri, and others and is concluded by a hauntingly beautiful rendition of "Suzanne" by recent Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Leonard Cohen.

Track List

1. Sonata Decima a 3 (Dario Castello, c. 1590-1644) 
2. I Burn, my Brain Consumes to Ashes from Don Quixote (Jonathan Eccles), 1668-1735)
3. Passagallo from Sonata Xll in d minor (Francesco Maria Veracini, 1690-1768)
4. E pur cosi/Piangero la Sorte Mia from Guilio Cesare (George Frideric Handel, 1685-1759)
5. Trio Sonata Xll "La Folia", RV 63 (Antonio Vivaldi, 1678-1741)
6. While I with Wounding Grief from Don Quixote (Godfrey Finger, c 1660-1730)
7. Menuet from Trio Sonata in G Major, Op. 5. No. 4 (George Frideric Handel, 1685-1759)
8. Sonata detta la Luciminia contenta (Marco Uccellini, c 1603-1680)
9. To Fair Fidele's Grassy Tomb (Thomas Augustine Arne, 1710-1778)
10. Folias (Andrea Falconieri, 1585-1656)
11. Ohime Lassa, Aria con violines from Susanna ( Alessandro Stradella, 1639-1682) 
12. Deth (Tobias Hume, c. 1579-1645)
13. Lysander I Pursue (John Blow, 1649-1708)
14. Suzanne (Leonard Cohen, b. 1934)

Total time: 64:30
Release date: 2008
UPC: 053479080226

[The album] draws on English and Italian composers of the 17th and 18th centuries, concluding with a piece by Leonard Cohen, who is still living, a strangely monotonous song about someone the composer knew that is fascinating in its evocation of madness.
— J. F. Weber, Fanfare

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