Artist: Rebel

Composers: Arcangelo Corelli, Georg Philipp Telemann

Format: 1 CD


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Rebel is Daniel Swenberg (lute, Theorbo, baroque lute, calchedon), John Moran (baroque and classical cello and viola da gamba), Jörg-Michael Schwarz (violin), Donsok Shin (piano, harpsichord, continuo organ), Karen Marie Marmer (co founder, violin).

Hailed by The New York Times as “Sophisticated and Beguiling” and praised by the Los Angeles Times for their “astonishingly vital music-making,” the New York-based Baroque ensemble Rebel (pronounced “Re-BEL”) has earned an impressive international reputation, enchanting diverse audiences by their unique style and their virtuosic, highly expressive and provocative approach to the baroque and classical repertoire. 

Corellisanti, the latest release from Rebel, pays homage to two of classical music’s most revered composers, Corelli and Telemann. This is the first recording of its kind to truly explore the musical parallels between these masters. Corelli’s engaging compositions are distinguished by a beautiful ow of melody, and by a mannerly treatment of the accompanying parts. Largely influenced by Corelli, Telemann was more widely known as a composer even than Bach during his time. Telemann succeeded in capturing the proud, serious, and dignified character of Corelli’s music. He managed to create music that mixed Corelli’s style with his own and in that way paid tribute to his admired model. 

Currently in residence at historic Trinity Church Wall Street in New York City, Rebel collaborates with Trinity Choir in works ranging from the cantatas of Bach to the major oratories of Handel, Bach, Mozart and Haydn. 

Arguably the most aired American Baroque ensemble in the U.S. today, Rebel has been regularly featured on NPR’s Performance Today and MPR’s St. Paul Sunday. In 1999 Rebel became the first and only period instrument ensemble to be awarded an artists’ residency at National Public Radio.

Track List

Arcangelo Corelli - Sonata op.4,10 in G major (1694) [5:14]
1 Preludio:Adagio-Allegro-Adagio 1:38
2 Grave 1:42
3 Tempo di Gavotta:Presto 1:54

Georg Philipp Telemann - Sonate Corellisante V in g minor TWV 42,g 4 [8:23]
4 Grave 2:51
5 Vivace 1:50
6 Presto 1:31
7 Grave 0:35
8 Vivace 1:36

Arcangelo Corelli - Sonata op.3,8 in C major (1689) [7:23]
9 Largo 2:03
10 Allegro 1:24
11 Largo 2:28
12 Allegro 1:28

Georg Philipp Telemann - Sonate Corellisante II in A major TWV 42,A 5 [8:41]
13 Largo 1:28
14 Allemande: Presto 2:27
15 Sarabande: Grave 2:21
16 Corrente: Vivace 2:25

Arcangelo Corelli - Sonata op.3,12 in A major (1689) [8:32]
17 Grave-Allegro-Adagio-Allegro-Adagio 3:01
18 Vivace 1:07
19 Allegro-Adagio 1:21
20 Allegro-Adagio 1:34
21 Allegro 1:29

Georg Philipp Telemann - Sonate Corellisante III in b minor TWV 42,h 3 [8:34]
22 Grave 2:17
23 Vivace 1:22
24 Adagio e staccato 0:49
25 Allegro assai 1:04
26 Soave 1:11
27 Presto 1:51

Arcangelo Corelli - Sonata op.4,6 in E major (1694) [6:47]
28 Preludio: Adagio-Allegro-Adagio-Allegro-Adagio 3:07
29 Allemanda: Allegro 1:32
30 Giga: Allegro 2:08

Arcangelo Corelli - Sonata op.1,9 in G major (1681) [6:49]
31 Allegro-Adagio 2:04
32 Allegro 1:15
33 Adagio 1:53
34 Allegro-Adagio 1:37

Georg Philipp Telemann - Sonate Corellisante I in F major TWV 42,F 2 [7:28]
35 Largo 2:43
36 Presto 1:13
37 Dolce 1:39
38 Grave 0:35
39 Allegro 1:18

Total time: 67:51
Release date: 2007
UPC: 053479070326

Rebel plays on an assortment of instruments, the violins and cello of which actually come from the period, and they draw from them sonorities that never strike the ear harshly, yet sound distinctly antique.…warmly recommended.
— Robert Maxham, Fanfare

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