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The Art of the Bawdy Song

The Art of the Bawdy Song

The Art of the Bawdy Song
Artist: Baltimore Consort, The
Genre: Orchestral, Chamber
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Through these bawdy catches and ballads we journey to the taverns and other social gathering-places of the real Merry Old England.   We may be shocked by the directness of these mostly 300 year old texts (especially those on a scatological theme), but we must remember that in the days before indoor plumbing and pooper-scooper laws, everyday life was of an earthier flavor than it is today.
- Mary Anne Ballard

The Baltimore Consort, The Merry Companions

Mary Anne Ballard - treble and bass viols, rebec
Mark Cudek - cittern, Baroque guitar, tenor viol, tenor recorder
Custer LaRue - soprano
Larry Lipkis - viol, soprano recorder
Ronn McFarlane - lute
Chris Norman - wooden flutes, bagpipe
Peter Becker, Baritone
Alexander Blachly, Baritone
Paul Shipper, Bass, belch-canto
James Weaver, Baritone



1-2. Aniseed Robin / Cuckolds all a-row - (Anon. 1651)

To the Tavern
3. I gave her Cakes and I gave her Ale - (Purcell 1659-1695)
4. Taking his beer with old Anacharsis - (Aldridge 1648-1710)
5. Fye, nay, prithee John - (Purcell)

Men & Maids
6. Cold and Raw - (D'Urfey c. 1653-1723)

Coming of Age
7. The Miller's Daughter - (Purcell)
8. Will said to his Mammy - (Jones fl. 1597-1615)

9. The Old Fumbler - (Anon. Pills 1719)
10. Walking in a meadowe greene - (Anon. 17th-c.)

Measure of the Man
11. Celia learning on the Spinnet - (Isum c. 1680-1726)
12. Tom the Taylor - (Purcell)
13. My Lady's Coachman John - (Purcell)

Dancing in the Grass
14. The Irish Jig orThe Night Ramble - (Anon. Pills)

Tobacco & other Stimulants
15. Come sirrah Jacke hoe - (Weelkes 1608)
16. Dainty fine Aniseed water - (Anon. 1652)
17. Most men do love the Spanish wine - (Anon. c. 1595)

18-19. Argeers / Gathering peascods - (Anon.)

Scat(ological) Songs
20. My lady and her Maid - (Ellis n.d.)
21. As Roger last Night to Jenny lay close - (Purcell)
22. Pox on you - (Purcell)

Fresh Ayre
23. Ladie lie near me - (Anon. 1651)

Men & Women
24. 'Tis Women makes us love - (Blow)
25. Sir Walter enjoying his Damsel - (Purcell)

Her Thing & His Thing
26. My Thing is my Own - (Anon. Pills)
27. Here dwells a pretty Maid - (Cranford d. ?1650-1675)
28. My man John had a Thing that was long - (Eccles c. 1668-1735)
29. When first Amyntas sued for a Kiss - (Anon. Pills)

Vinum Bonum
30. More Palatino - (attr. Sweelinck ?1562-1621)
31-32. Poor Owen / Where they drank - (Church ?1675-1741)
33. Come, come, let us drink - (Purcell)

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