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A Renaissance Tour of Europe

A Renaissance Tour of Europe

A Renaissance Tour of Europe
Artist: New York Kammermusiker, The
Genre: Chamber
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The special position and force of music in the lives of the men and women of Renaissance Europe is difficult to appreciate fully from our late 20th century vantage point; perhaps we can begin to grasp it only when we consider the prevailing conditions of existence from the late 14th to early 17th centuries.   Despite the incredible flourishing of arts, sciences and scholarship, most people's lives remained nasty, brutish and short, beset by war, plague, filth, illiteracy and religious strife.   With what fervor must they have seized the - for them, all too rare and precious - joys and consolations of music, both in their worship and in the secular sphere.
- Jeffrey Hale and Ilonna Pederson

The New York Kammermusiker, Double Reed Ensemble
Ilonna Pederson, Director


Philidor, A. Busnois, L. Luzzaschi, C. Monteverdi, G. B. Grillo, A. Banchierei, P. Peuerl,
C. Erbach, H. L. Hassler, I. Posch, M. Greiter, H. Finck,  J. H. Schein, S. Scheidt, J. Walther,
H. Isaac, O. de Lassus, T. Cecquillon, T. Morley, J. Dowland, J. Wilbye, J. Adson
1. Philidor: Pavane Henry IV (1600)
2. A. Busnois: Cent mille escus
3. Philidor: Pavane Louis XIII
4. Philidor: Pavane (1610)
5. Philidor: La brosse / Tourdion
6. L. Luzzaschi: Canzone
7. C. Monteverdi: Madrigal (Saria ben)
8. G. B. Grillo: Canzone
9. G. B. Grillo: Canzone
10. A. Banchierei: Fantasia
11. P. Peuerl: Paduan
12. C. Erbach: Canzone (La Paglia)
13. H. L. Hassler: Ecce enim
14. I. Posch: Gagliarda
15. H. L. Hassler: Kanzone
16. M. Greiter: Ich stund an einem Morgen
17. P. Peuerl: Paduan
18. H. Finck: Ich stund an einem Morgen
19. J. H. Schein: Courente
20. H. Finck: Uncur
21. S. Scheidt: Galliarde
22. S. Scheidt: Courante
23. S. Scheidt: Duo (Oboe, English Horn)
24. S. Scheidt: Duo (Oboe, Bassoon)
25. J. Walther: Canon
26. J. H. Schein: Paduana
27. Anon: Heth sold
28. H. Isaac: La Mi La Sol
29. Anon: Jamque
30. O. de Lassus: Duo (Bassoons)
31. T. Cecquillon: Gallicum quiddam
32. H. Isaac: Ich stund an einem Morgen
33. H. Isaac: Tmeiskin uas iunch
34. H. Isaac: Ricercar
35. T. Morley: Now is the Month of Maying
36. Anon: Jon, come kisse me now
37. J. Dowland: Captaine Digore Piper His Galliard
38. J. Wilbye: Thus Saith my Cloris
39. Anon: All in a Garden Green
40. J. Adson: Royal Wind Music

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