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Meet me Anywhere

Meet me Anywhere

Meet me Anywhere
Artist: Natraj
Genre: Jazz
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Since Natraj 's inception in 1987, the group's music has evolved steadily to encompassIndian concepts like raga and tala along with many aspects of African ensemble playing, but without abandoning such necessities of jazz as swing, groove and taking chances.

Make no mistake, these guys take a lot of chances.   Natraj's arrangements are carefully structured, but when it comes to improvisation you can never know what's going to happen - and that's the essence of jazz no matter what other musical streams are present.   When the group plays one of my tunes I can anticipate only one thing: that they'll surprise me.   Phil Scarff's arrangements highlight the soloists musical personalities along with their chops, and players like Jerry Leake, Mike Rivard and Russ Gold rise to the occasion.
- Warren Senders


Phil Scarff soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone(6), axatse(6), voice(2), tamboura(3,5,7)
Michael Rivard acoustic bass, axatse(6), voice(2)
Russ Gold congas, bongos, tom-toms, cymbals, cowbells, wood blocks, gankogui, naqqara
Jerry Leake tabla(2,3,4,5,7), clay drum(2,5), riq(1), tar(6), glockenspiel(1), maracas(1), naqqara(1,6), gankogui(6), temple blocks(1), stick(1), Tibetan bell(7), voice(2,7)

Guest Artists:

Steve Gorn bamboo flute(2,3,4,7)
Mick Goodrick guitar(1,5)
Godwin Agbeli kidi(6), atsimevu(6)
Warren Senders voice(2)


1. Footwear Composed and arranged by Phil Scarff
2. Drop the Knife Twice Composed and arranged by Warren Senders
3. Resolution From the suite "A Love Supreme"
composed by John Coltrane, arranged by Phil Scarff
4. Friends Everywhere Composed and arranged by Warren Senders
5. Meet Me Anywhere Composed and arranged by Phil Scarff
6. Avu Matodzo West African traditional transcribrd by David Locke
arranged by Phil Scarff
7. Suite 203 Composed and arranged by Phil Scarff

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