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Songs of the Sephardim

Songs of the Sephardim

Songs of the Sephardim
Artist: La Rondinella
Genre: Orchestral
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The songs on this recording derive from a tradition that is centuries old.   Passed down through the generations, these songs are links in a chain that connects the Jews known as Sephardim to Spain, from which they were expelled in 1492.   When the Edict of Expulsion was handed down by Ferdinand and Isabella in March 1492, the Jews of Spain were given four months to prepare for exile.   Thus ended fifteen centuries of Jewish settlement.   Jewish culture flourished in Spain, intellectually, artistically and materially.   Under Moslem rule especially, Jews had the freedom to persue a variety of professions and intellectual persuits.-Howard Bass

Alice Kosloski, alto
Howard Bass, Lute, guitar, harp, percussion
Paul Bensel, Recorder, crumhorn, percussion
Rosalind Brooks Stowe, Treble viol, vielle, percussion
Guest Artist-Tina Chancey, Treble viol, vielle, rebec, kamenj, recorder, percussion


1. Los gayos empesan a cantar
2. Una hija tiene el rey
3. La prima vez
4. Puncha, puncha
5. A'har noghenim
6. Era escuro
7. Seu shearim
8. Esta montaña d'enfrente
9. Una pastora
10. Morena me llaman
11. Nani, nani
12. A la una yo nací
13. Scalerica de oro
14. Yo m'enamori
15. Dos amantes tengo la mí mama
16. Una matica de ruda
17. Los bilbilicos
18. Ir me quero
19. Hija mia
20. Durme, durme, hermozo hijico
21. Avre tu puerta cerrada
22. Noches, noches
23. Partos trocados
24. En la mar hay una torre
25. Esta Rachel la estimoza
26. Cuando el rey Nimrod
27. Adio, querida

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